Saturday, August 18, 2007

WINNERS! After a very long time... and an apology

I'm back (finally) from vacation and so can (finally) announce the winners from the Second F.O. Contest!

A big congratulations to Lindsay, who did brilliantly with her Dark Mark scarf, which she not only knitted, but wrote the pattern for. Talk about impressive! By far and away our winner, Lindsay should get in touch with me ( for her lovely prizes.

And while Lindsay swept the contest, we couldn't ignore runner-up Just a Knit Wit, who's exciting and hilarious Woolly Voldemort series kept us tuning in weekly. If you didn't read them check here for Parts One, Two, Three, and Four. JaKW, you're going to get a little something too!

Thanks to everyone for participating in Part Two of our Harry Finished Projects Contest! All the entries were fantastic.

Also, a quick apology to all Snape apologists. I should have listened. I should have trusted. I should have believed Dumbledore. "The Prince's Tale" in this final book was close to undoing me. The final chapter with Albus Severus certainly did. Much appreciation to all the Snape fans who never did believe the *hype*. You folks stood up against a world of disbelievers, of which I was certainly one, and you should be proud.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Spoilers!

I refer you to the comments for these House Ghost spoilers!

Phoenix Feathers!

I hope it isn't too late to post here. I hope everybody isn't just going to go away and forget just because Book 7 has come out. There is so much more knitting to do, to celebrate and to remember. I, for one, will not only be finishing the Severus Snape Pomatomus Socks, but will be knitting a Severus Snape Lace Scarf too - the kind someone should have made for him, to make him feel wanted and loved.

But the last week has been spent up to the elbows in dye vats as I struggled to recreate the incredible plumage of Dumbledore's wonderful mythical phoenix, so that I could do justice to Socktopia's amazing Fawkes socks. Eventually I think I've got somewhere near.

What do you think? This is a very nice superwash merino/tencel blend which has a lovely silky texture and superb stitch definition. It should make very nice Fawkes socks. I dyed four skeins so three of them will go up on eBay this evening under the Celtic Memory label and the last is mine, mine, all MINE. The socks start tonight...