Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Here are a few Guidelines to consider:

1. As long as the post or project relate to Harry, this is the place for it.

2. Please introduce yourself when you join! A post with your name, regular blog, favorite Potter book and favorite Potter film would be a great way to get to know you!

3. You don't need to have a blog to join, but if you do and would like it listed, please include it in your request for the invitation.

4. I will try and post updates on Harry information and also pattern ideas. However, if you have anything you'd like added to the sidebar, please email me at knitter.natter@yahoo.com.

5. This is a blog of opinion, we all have one, we encourage the expression of them, but please be respectful of others' thoughts and comments. Nasty comments or posts will not be tolerated.

6. If you've not read all six books, expect spoilers. If any of J.K.'s fantastic surprises could be ruined for you, I recommend not joining until you've finished the first six books.

7. Questions about the books are welcome!

8. Discussion is what this blog is about- be it HP reading or HP crafting, bring it to the KAL!

9. Predictions on the Deathly Hollows, no matter how wild, are always allowed. Sleuth J.K. out!

10. Pictures are highly encouraged!

Please have fun with this blog! Its intention is to be a great way to pass the time between now and Book Seven, to meet other Harry-fanatics, and to find new and exciting projects to express your love of all things Potter!

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Johann said...

Thanks for the guidelines. I realize they're only guidelines, but some guidelines on how to get involved would be helpful, too.

There are people putting up posts. How?

What do you do to join the contests?

How does it all work?

I do all my work on a computer, and I'm isually good with them. Last week, I explained to my daughter how to post photos and put links on her blog on myspace.

But I haven't a clue about the technology involved with this.