Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Dragons

After posting about the Dragon Scarf, I remembered seeing these two patterns here a long time ago. (click "Knitting Samples", then "Pictures", then "Animals & Insects".) They have always enticed me, but don't know if I would ever wear them. Just thought I'd share. I'm a bit of a dragon fan.


Em said...

Before I saw that you posted this I was going to email you and say "check out the latest HP post!" Funny, yes?
Very cute sweaters, though I agree the wear-ability of them is questionable. Mind you, I have no need for a sweater with a big E emblazoned across the chest but that's not going to stop me from doing a Weasley!

Jo said...

The dragon in the B/W photo is a Welsh dragon and looks very close to the one on their national flag (which happens to be green). I'm sure this is what they meant by a "Welsh Green."

If you have the chart for it, you could put it on something else.