Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sorcerer's Stone

I'm halfway through Sorcerer's Stone. This is the first time that I re-read it and there are a couple of things that struck me that I had either forgotten or that I didn't notice the first time I read the book those years ago.

First of all, Hagrid arrived with the baby Harry on a motorcycle he borrowed from Sirius Black. That name would have not meant anything to me when I first read the book so I didn't remember that at all.

Second, Hagrid was knitting on the train when he was first taking Harry to Diagon Alley. I didn't remember that either.



aksunflour said...

Hagrid knitting- I didn't realize that Hagrid was knitting something canary yellow until now either. I don't know how many times I have read and listened to this book. Before I was a knitter I suppose.

Treesh said...

I think I must have read it before I was a knitter too.

Lynn said...

I saw that too! I'm rereading bk 1 and passed that awhile ago. I've seen Hagrid listed on 'celebrity knitters' but couldn't remember in the book where it said that. I don't think he actually knits anymore in the series, as in on the page. Maybe he's a closet knitter! :)