Monday, February 26, 2007

Hi, I'm Birdy

Hello all! I'm so thrilled I found this group. I am so excited about Book Seven I am about to explode. I warned my husband that in the next 144 days don't be surprised if out of the blue I jump up and down and whisper Harry Potter!

Anyway--like I said I'm Birdy and I'm in Ravenclaw. I've got two kids (5 and 2)--my 5 year old has been big Harry Potter fan since he was a wee baby. I got into the books shortly after Goblet of Fire went to paperback. I haven't quite knitted anything Potterish, but my Mom knitted a Gryffindor Scarf for my son and crocheted a Golden Snitch for him as well. To alleviate the Deathly Hallows mania I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an appropriate knitting project. The night before it hit me: In honor of S.P.E.W., I am going to knit up as many wee hats as I can and then donate them to my local children's hospital. I might make some wacky ones that are decidedly house elfish--ears and bobbles maybe.

At The Leaky Cauldron there's a section of there site called Harry Potter Seven (it's right at the top of the left side bar. They are awesome essays pertaining to the last book...I am not sure of it's helped the mania or made it worse, but it's fantastic brilliant stuff.

I just finished re-reading book now I am just in time to start all over again. Am I the only one that cries at the end of book 5 and book 6? I've read both many many times and it never fails to make me a sobby mess.

Happy Harry Knitting!


Miss Scarlett said...

Oh Birdy, I cry too. And in Book 4!
The conversation between Dumbledore and Harry at the end of Book 5 breaks my heart.

I just found out I am traveling when the book is released - of all the rotten timing. I love the midnight line up - this is a big problem for me.

The SPEW hats for the hospital is a brilliant idea. I love it.

I am staying clear of Book 7 discussions because I don't want any ideas in my head to taint my joy/discovery of the 1st reading. Could be hard since I am traveling during the pathetic is it to think of changing my travel plans??

Welcome to Ravenclaw! and the KAL :-D

Treesh said...

Welcom to the KAL, Birdy.

Your hat idea is brilliant!

Karen said...

LOVE the hat idea.