Monday, February 19, 2007


Hi, Everyone. My name is Ami and I'm so happy to be here. I had been thinking of reading the HP books again as it has been some time and it seemed very fortuitous that I found this. Awesome timing. I was actually sorted into Hufflepuff just a few days before I found this.

I don't have a favorite movie or book, but I do own all of them. I'm not sure what project(s) I will do yet. However, my brother is a huge Harry Potter fan and his birthday is coming up so perhaps I'll come up with something for him.

I don't know how fast I'll read these books but since I have read them all before, numerous times, I'm perfectly happy with spoilers. I'm definitely watching the movies again though. It's much easier to knit while watching a movie than reading a book, unless it's a book on tape. :D

I do have a blog of my own although it's not specifically knitting. I set it up to tell various far flung family members about the kids and stuff, but one of my passions is knitting, so of course I had to post about that too. Carey's Cats


Em said...

Welcome Ami! So glad you're posting and reading and knititng along with us!

Ann said...

Glad to have you joining us!
Watching or listening while knitting is a great way to enjoy the series. Maximum efficiency!