Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm back

My spinning retreat was quite wonderful. I finished up spinning some projects and am eager to start on new things. I will post more on the weekend on my blog tomorrow complete with pictures.

HP was not far from my mind however. I bought some wonderful, wonderful fiber blends from Crosspatch Creations. One batch made me think of dragon's fire (it had a fiery name - it was called Rhiannon's Fire). Another was called Shadow Grove and, to me, it looked like a star field on a greenish blue background. Pictures, that I'm sure won't do justice to the wonderful colors, will be on my blog tomorrow.


Em said...

Sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see the yarn.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oooh I am going to check those out.
Glad you had a good time!

Jo said...

For those of you who don't know, Rhiannan was an ancient Welsh witch. She was chiefly known for having husbands who conveniently died when she got tired of being married to them.

The oldest book of fiction in the world is The Mabigionon. Don't even try to pronounce it. It's Welsh, and that's where the story came from. Find a translation.

Stevie Knicks was so impressed with her that she wrote a song about her. Check it out!

What a great name for a yarn color for an HP project!