Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sorceror's Stone book vs. Movie

Has anyone else noticed Hagrid's hut? In the book it is described as a small one room wooden house. That upon entering was only one room. In the movie there are two rooms and the house is made of stone. The movie house fits Hagrid better.
I am only to Chapter 9 and I won't be pointing out every discrepancy.

Does anyone know what kind of dog Fang really is? (movie dog breed) a hint, very LARGE dog.

Bugger it, my cat is walking all over me and my laptop. I am surprised my daughter didn't name her Hermonie or Professor M. She would make a very good magical cat. (orange, long hair, and 6 toes on each foot.) She eats all our spiders that make their way into our house.


Donna said...

Unless I am really, really off...Fang in the movie is a Neopolitan Mastiff.

Em said...

I'm with Donna, Neopolitan Mastiff. He's a gorgeous dog though, very Hagrid!

eKNITabeth said...

Fang is a boarhound... Which I'm sure are related to mastiffs, but were bred for that specific job that their name implies... killing the wild boars in England.

Somewhat_damaged said...

In the book, Fang was supposed to be a Boarhound which is really just a fancy name for a large dog bred to hunt Boar (like a Dane).
However in the movie, he was portrayed by a beautiful Neapolitan Mastiff! I have one whining at my feet right now! :P