Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ann's Intro

Hi, my name is Ann and I am ... a Harry Potter Knitter. I'm totally addicted to the books and to the projects I have made with the books in mind. In the past I have made myself a scarf (Ravenclaw book colors), a Weasley sweater for my little boy (fits for the 3rd winter in a row!), a tie in Gryffindor colors for a friend, and many Weasley Sweater ornaments for fellow Potter fans.
I'm batting different ideas around as to what to make for the movie opening and the book release. Too many choices!
My favorite book is probably Azkaban - I just love Sirius, though Order of the Pheonix follows close behind. (It's almost like asking me which Beatle is my favorite - how can I choose?!) My favorite movie so far has been Azkaban also. Gary Oldman as Sirius is perfect. I also love Lupin. He's great in the books and the actor does a good job with him on the screen.
I have high expectations for book 7. But mainly, I just don't want any Weasley's to come to a bad end. (Except Percy, of course.) I'm a big Weasley fan. There are so few positive portrayals of redheads in the media and the Weasleys do a great job of being a good family. As a redhead married to a redhead with 2 redheaded kids, I'm just a bit partial to them.
I look forward to refreshing myself up on the series and discussing it with fellow HP fans!

Sirius is innocent!


Em said...

Hi Ann.
The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem (how long before I wear this joke out? I see it being a good looong while).
I agree; Up with Reds! Not just literature, but films, television, Congress, I think a movement will start sweeping the nation (doubt this, but did you ever see the South Park with Cartman and his loathing of "Gingers"? You would love it). And good job you two for doing your best to put more redheads in the world.
How do you think the blog looks?!

Kim said...

Ann I'm addicted to the books(and Sirius) as well. No shame in that :)

Lynn said...

Hi Ann,

I would love to know what pattern you used to make the ornamants! That's such a great idea. :)

Johann said...

I don't want to see any of the main characters killed, either. My big worry is about Harry, though. Will HE survive? It is the last book.

Miss Scarlett said...

Ooh a Gryffindor tie! Sounds excellent.
I adore redheads. I work with young children and last fall we had a bonanza of redheads. 6 in a class of 12 preschoolers!
This year we have one and right cheeky devil he is - it has nothing to do with his hair! Our worst offenders common denominator is...home life!
Where people get these notions is anyone's guess. Ok well, maybe not with redheads - we all know the history of witch hunts etc.

In my family we have 2 redheads as well and my generation is hoping for more.

I've never seen that South Park episode but I am already laughing.

BTW I don't want to see any Weasley's hurt either. I love them! I do think Percy will turn out to have been spying for Dumbledore. How could he turn against his loving parents? I really hated him until HBP.

I actually am trying not to think about anyone dying. Dumbledore was enough loss for me. And when I was reading OtP and Ron was being covered in brains (was it?? - can you tell I haven't re-read that one?) I thought I was going to have hysterics. When Sirius finally died I was relieved it wasn't one of the children!