Friday, February 16, 2007

Donna's Intro

Hi everyone,

I came into the Harry series later than most. I had never even heard of them until the first three were already out. One of my college classmates was reading one of them before class one day and it made me curious why a college student would read a "kid's" book. I bought one that afternoon and have loved them ever since.

I enjoy the entire series, but my favorite book is definately the Goblet of Fire. I'm not really that big a fan of the Order of the Phoenix just because it is such a dark book. (Same for Half Blood Prince, but this one might require rereading...which I guess is where this blog comes in). I like the whole idea of the Order, but was not thrilled with Umbridge.

As for my favorite movie, I would have to go with the Goblet of Fire. It could have been a lot longer, butI thought they did a great job with the effects and the storyline in general. I also really like Prisoner of Azkaban, but no real reason jumps out at me.

As for my Harry Potter knitting, I'm thinking about making a pair of Ravenclaw socks. I already have 2 Ravenclaw scarves (one of the lighter colors and one of the trapped bar pattern from the third and fourth movies). I knitted my husband a Griffyndor scarf (trapped bar), but he isn't as much of a Harry Potter fan.

I am looking forward to rereading the books and to the release of the seventh, but would love for her to continue to write the series...

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