Thursday, February 15, 2007

Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone

I don't know if anyone else has started reading this one yet. But I have made it to Chapter 6, lots of driving. My thoughts are:
  1. how do the Dursleys' get off the island?
  2. Also Hagrid asks Harry not to mention using magic on Dudley. Isn't the ministry already aware of magic being done, due to keeping close tabs on underage wizards?
  3. Now when Dudley goes to London to have his tail removed, this appears to be our first encounter with the hospital for witches and wizards. St. Magmus.
Just some thoughts. Haven't started my knit project yet. I decided to make a bag out of old jeans- something like what Mrs. Figg's might carry.


Lynn said...

Hmm #2 has me a bit stumped as well. I wonder if Hagrid is considered a 'Squib' and therefore isn't watched by the Ministry? Perhaps they just 'watch' underage wizards?

Donna said...

Answer for #2... maybe?--do you think it has something to do with wands being "registered"? When Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts, they snapped his wand in half. He later taped it back together and put it in the umbrella. To the Ministry, the wand was destroyed and can't be used to do magic. Also, they can't "see" everything. Remember, Sirius is an unregistered animagus...

aksunflour said...

Thanks. DH says this is to deep for him. LOL

Johann said...

I got the impression, when I read the book the first three or four times that Dudley was taken to a muggle doctor.

Miss Scarlett said...

I think maybe the little old man that they rented the boat from must come for them. Wouldn't he get worried after a time? They could always say the boat was lost in the 'storm'.

I sort of thought that unless the magic was quite malicious, the Ministry didn't keep tabs on adults using magic. They would be run off their feet! Just think of all those knitting, cooking and cleaning spells alone!
Also, there is something to the Squib theory, but wasn't Hagrid expelled? Not because of being unable to use magic but becuase of being blamed for releasing the Basilisk in COS?

Good one - I hadn't thought about that. It makes the most sense that this is the same hospital we visit later.
I haven't begun to re-read the books and on previous reads I too thought that it was a Muggle doctor he saw. How they were able to explain themselves...that is a whole other story.

Oooh - can't wait to see the bag you make from old jeans. I quie like Mrs.Figg.
I once bought a cool bag made of a leather coat. But once I got it home I realized that it reeked of cigarettes and just couldn't keep it. :-{