Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dragons and Draco

I read someone's post over here that said they were going to do this dragon scarf and make it a Hungarian Horntail.
I love the idea, but how many scarves does a North Carolinian (not living in the mountains) actually need? Maybe it could be for my son.
I'm going to look in my Magical Beasts book and refresh myself on the colors of each kind.

As I reread HPSS, I find myself thinking Draco might not really be bad in nature, it's just his nurturing that screwed him up. I hit me the most in the scene where he and Harry first meet, trying on robes. Draco is just trying to make friends. He may not go about it the right way, but as a teacher, I've seen so many kids who just don't know how to make real friends.
Poor Draco. Sometimes parents shouldn't raise their own kids.

I've never had much sympathy for him until recently. Maybe I have some postpardum hormones bringing out the mother in me more than before. ;)


Miss Scarlett said...

I think he has Daddy issues to be sure.
JKR worked closely with the actors/actresses in the movies - giving them clues as to future book reveals re: their characters
And the relationship between Draco and Lucius is fraught with tension and disapproval.
Poor Draco indeed. He is overreaching - he is not so much bad as he wishes to be seen to be.

Clumsy sentence or what?

Miss Scarlett said...

Just followed the link to the scarves - those are cute.
Yeah, I can't see myself wearing one though.

MaryBeth said...

Ya know, you could always make it a knitted dragon banner/wall hanging.

knitwhit said...

I've always felt sorry for Draco. And have a sneaking sympathy for Snape.

Treesh said...

There is also a couple of snake scarves at that site.

And - about Draco - I can't imagine what it would have been like for him to be raised by his parents. It would really have messed him up. Raises nurture vs. nature questions for sure.

Janet said...

Let's identify three more traits of Draco's. Can you say only child? Now add money, and title (in this case it is pure blod) Then combine the three and you get an insecure, selfish child. Who has learned the bully coping skill. Actually Inever Draco a thought.