Saturday, February 24, 2007

While I wait...

While I wait to get my yarn for my Slytherin scarf (Azkaban style) I decided to cast on to my Ravenclaw scarf for this month and next month's Project Spectrum. Who says I cant have two scarves.

I really cant wait... but work has gotten in the way of getting down to a worthy yarn shop and getting correct Slytherin scarf necessities. So the Ravenclaw scarf that started it all (I saw the scarf on atypically.knit and said I can down that...So, I learned to knit -- and its been down hill from there.) will be started all over again!

I really cant wait for my weekend to start (Tuesday) I can break out a good movie or four... and knit until my fingers hurt... hopefully Ill be able to start on something green!

Till next time: HOL (ie: Molly)

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