Sunday, February 25, 2007

Watching Sorcerer's Stone and Knitting

Well, talked the DH into watching the first Harry Potter Film last night. He is slightly deaf and it usually takes 2 or 3 times before he hears everything. I love the scene with the python, Hagrid breaking down the door, and Snape walking away with his cape billowing. I still get tense with the classroom scene where the Professor changes from the cat. Always mutter book 3 book 3.

I did some research on designs and dug through my current horde of yarn. Found some yellow 100% superwash merino wool and some Uni black sock yarn. Now to find graph paper and see about designing Hufflepuff socks, and Hedwig socks.

Meanwhile, I am still working on tank top and jacket for MCY and finished several other projects for my friend Sharon

Hopefully this week I can finally catch up with my work enough to re read the books. Looking forward to it. karen a


Treesh said...

There are scenes in that first movie that I thought were simply magical. I love all those owls. And then the first sight of the Great Hall at Hogwarts took my breath away.

I plan on watching Sorcerer's Stone this week sometime and start on reading Chamber of Secrets.

Miss Scarlett said...

The Great Hall is incredible - I love Snape's billowing robes too!

I am seriously looking forward to seeing your designs. I am constantly amazed by the talent I encounter in the online knitting community.