Thursday, February 22, 2007

Questions, Prefects and Scarves, Oh My!

Just a bit of business before book discussion:
1. Is there anyone who should be on the sidebar who isn't? If so, please email me at and let me know. I'll need which house you want to be sorted into and if you have a blog I should link to your name.
2. If you would like to be listed in the sidebar under your posting name (i.e. what blogger calls you, not your everyday name ;-), let me know and I'll happily change that too.
3. Prefects- does anyone want to be one? We would need two per house. Parisa has the first spot in Gryffindor (it was her idea, in fact- thanks Parisa!) so we need two for Huffle, Raven, and Slyth and one still for Gryff. Obviously your duties wouldn't be too serious- maybe do a post a week and/or comment at least three times a week? Something fun to keep your name out there. If you're interested, let me know!
Pheeeew. Enough with the business. I've been so excited to show my own Harry Potter scarf (i.e. the scarf that never ends) that I started working on when I was a wee-new knitter in June of last year.

It's nearly six feet at this point and I have one full ball in each color of Nature Spun to go. Why has it taken since April you ask? Two reasons: an unfortunate incident and this is my "mindless/meditative" project, a.k.a one I only pick up ever so often. As long as it's ready in time for the Deathly Hollows and new film release, there's no rush.
Sorcerer's Stone point: I love that in Book One, before you ever know about Sirius Black or his importance in the story, she mentions him and his flying motorcycle. It's the first chapter, page 14 of the American paperback when Hagrid says "Young Sirius Black lent it to me." My question is, do we think she already had Sirius and his place among the Potter family plotted out? Or did she go back, seize on that character and his name and craft a story around that? Either way, I think it's awfully impressive!


Ami Scott said...

I wish I could be a prefect but I don't feel I have the time to commit to it. I'd hate to say I'd do it, and then not be able to. That wouldn't be fair to everyone else. :( Oh, and if you still need help poting pics to the sidebar, let me know and I'll help you if you like.

Knatty Knitter said...

I saw an interview with JKR and she said that Harry Potter and his story walked into her life one day fully formed! When pressed further about this she insisted that everything in the books was planned for from the beginning so I think that the Sirius hints are very delibrate :) so freakin' clever, isn't she?!

As for your scarf, may I say a heartfelt 'WOW', that is some amount of knitting. Wear it proudly :)


Treesh said...

I would be willing to be a prefect for Ravenclaw.

And I did notice that comment about Sirius Black in Book 1. Of course I didn't pay any attention to it the first time around.

Now I wonder - when did Sirius get arrested? Must have been after he lent the motorcycle to Hagrid. I want to go now to the later books and try to reconstruct the timeline if possible.

Miss Scarlett said...

Looks like it's been covered - but yeah, JKR says she knew the story from the beginning.

Good on you for keeping at your scarf. 6 ft! That is a loooooot of stockinette girl. The colours are gorgeous - perfect for movie and book launch.

aksunflour said...

You can put me down for a Prefect. I seem to be posting and commenting a bit anyways. As for the knitting I am frogging.

HOL said...

Im in for prefect... the lonely slytherin girl!

I ussually go by HOL online...

Have a good one group!

a blossom knits said...

Hey Em! I see that The Huffs are short a prefect. I'd like to represent, yo. So, if you would please pass your magic wand and proclaim me a Prefect . . I would be happy to assume any responsibilities of the post.

Leslie :)