Thursday, February 22, 2007

i'm a little insane ...

hello all,
i'm tiffany, just joining today. i'm a crazy knitter and i'm in the middle of trying to knit a large number of HP related projects, in time for the release of the book and movie. tonight i'm starting Ron's Animal Cracker hat tonight and hoping it will be a quick knit. then i'm moving on to scarves, in all house colors, both versions. i'm recruiting some knitting friends for this. i've also purchased Hermione's Cabled Hat and Mittens and i found a pattern for Mrs. Weasley's awesome crocheted Bell Sleeves which i'm going to attempt as well, as i'm finally moving off my first crochet project. then i'll move on to sweaters. i've found links to House Sweaters as well. told you i'm a little insane!

i work to pay the bills at a bank and for fun and a discount at a yarn shop.

i blog here.

i'm looking forward to knitting, reading and watching along with you.

may i make one request? i know you put up a general spoiler alert for stuff we already know as "fact", that is books and movies already released. but i'm trying really hard to avoid learning too much new stuff before the new book comes. i don't mean it can't or shouldn't be discussed, just please issue a true "spoiler warning".

thanks, nice to connect with you all!

happy knitting!

oh, and i got sorted into Gryffindor. so excited for that!

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Miss Scarlett said...

Thanks for all the great pattern links - the Animal Cracker hat is awesome.
I agree re: spoiler alert for new book.
I do not want to know one single thing about it.
I am not even letting myself speculate. I am really looking forward to a day spent reading in my garden this July - last time I read until 4 AM, slept a bit and finished the book lying on a bench in my backyard. Bliss.