Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Who doesn't love a blog with prizes? This KAL will have two contests, the first for Books 1-3 (Stone, Secrets, and Azkaban), the second for 4-6 (Goblet, Phoenix, and Prince).
Projects crafted from or based on either set of books should be submitted, with pictures, start and finish dates, and materials, and patterns used. Traditional crafts- scarves, sweaters, gloves- or less traditional- elf hats, tea cozies, mismatched socks- are all permissible! Take a page from J.K.'s book and get creative!
The first contest will be from Feb to April. All projects from these first three books should be submitted by Monday April 2nd, and the winner will be announced the following Friday, April 6th.
The second contest will begin April 2nd and end July 2nd. The winner of the second contest will be announced July 6th.
Prizes to be announced, though you can expect something related to Harry!

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