Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm Molly, I am a huge fan of the books. I love what the books have done for the world in getting people (not just kids) to read, and be excited to read. As someone who works in TV, I absolutely LOVE the movies. I think they are wonderful and spot on.

I've read all the books, and probably need to re-read the OotP before the movie comes out.

I was sorted to Ravenclaw, but I was feeling a bit more cheeky and decided to be put in Slytherin because no one was in Slytherin... Just to even things out.

I probably will knit a scarf.... maybe ill find something else to knit...

Just so you know my web home is: Heart of Life


Ann said...

Thanks for joining up as a Slytherin. I was starting to worry that we wouldn't have any. I agree with Dumbledore in that we must have house unity to truly defeat the Dark Lord.
(Boy I sound like I take this stuff too seriously!)
I've personally always liked Slytherin's house colors best.
Look forward to seeing your knits!

aksunflour said...

Welcome, I am so glad that someone is Slytherin. Maybe now others won't be so hestitant to join. Slytherin's can't be all mean, there is good in everyone (sometimes you have to look harder to find it is all.)