Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sorceror's Stone Book discussion

I have been avidly listening to the books on tape (long commutes), no time to knit. Anyway here are my thoughts:
  1. How does someone thaw out a broomstick? Is it like remote starting our cars in cold weather?
  2. Where do wizard children receive their early education? As when they get to Hogwarts's the students all know how to read and write.
  3. And where does Mrs. Weasley find the time to whip out 7 plus sweaters a yr? Reading and listening to the book, all that is said about the sweaters is that they are warm and hand knit. And the sweaters that are given to non-family members are better made.
Maybe I will find easy hoodie patterns and make matching sweaters for my dds'. I have over 600 yds. of variegated yarn. Should be easy enough to throw a solid in there if I don't have enough of the other. OK so they won't be true Weasley sweaters as they won't be really warm. But they will be nice to layer w. (Unless oldest DD gets a job at Abercombie) LOL


Em said...

Just a shot at those (great) three questions.
1. Alright, I really don't have a clue about the broomstick one. Unless you use that nifty bit of magic Hermione does to dry off their cloaks when they walk through the snow?
2. Home school?
3. She can do magic knitting! Hermione makes the point (in book 4 or 5, when she starts knitting the hats for the house-elves)that she can knit much faster now that she's at school again and can use magic.
I realize two of my answers ended in question marks- whoops!

Knatty Knitter said...

it seems to not matter where magical kids have their early education, they really start learning everything in secondary school and mingle with kids from muggle famillies so I am sure they have wizardry primary schools like muggles do...but obviously in the knowledge that they are all wizards :)

hope that makes sense. (crazy prefects with their crazy ideas!)

aksunflour said...

Got everyone thinking though. Hagrid thaws out the broomsticks for the Quiddich Match. And we all know now that his wand is broken.