Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I tried to just add yarn pic but was screwing it up so here we go

Current buttons

The Correct Yellow

Okay, I have bright yellow yarn and uni yarn for socks. But, when I printed the Hufflepuff symbol out for graphing to do on side of sock the yellow looks more creamy, and when I watch HP "Stone" (can't spell this morning) the color was a cream color on the quidditch stands. So, which is correct?
karen a

Monday, February 26, 2007


I am thrilled I found this knitalong. I have loved the Harry Potter books since Chamber of Secrets came out. It is bittersweet for me though as I am sad to see the ending. I will be attending the release party at my local bookstore and I may go in costume.

I digress, I am also Emily and I have 4 youngsters ages 5 (almost 6), 4, 3 and 2. My kids adore Harry Potter and I am wanting to make them all scarves. They want to dress up for Halloween as HP chars as well. I believe Snape is good and that Malfoy will come to the Light. I felt bad for lack of Slytherin love, so I had to get sorted (and yes, yummy men there as well). I don't know if any of you have seen it but there is a book coming out soon. I really want get a copy when it comes out... it looks so fun!

Look forward to getting to know you all!

The HP Hedgie

Pattern: Huggable Hedgehog
Designer: Debbie Radtke
Size: Just Right for Allison's Harry Potter Bookcase of Love
Yarn: Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes in Daffodil and Hollyberry, Bernat Boa in Cardinal
Needles: 10.5, 24 inch circs
Started February 23, 2007
Finished February 25, 2007

I would like to introduce HP Hedgie. He is a member of Gryffindor House, obviously. I gifted him to my HP loving sister yesterday. She was so excited.

In other HP news the Hubby and I are reading Sorcerer's Stone to our four year old daughter at night before she goes to bed. Hagrid was knitting his yellow circus tent on the London Underground and Harry just read through his list of clothing, books and equipment. Dave refuses to read the HP books on his own but I can totally tell that he is enjoying reading Sorcerer's Stone to E, who is also enjoying the read.

No more confusion

Ok since I thought that I was confusing people (myself included) I changed from aksunflour to Janet.

I just finished listening to Harry Potter Sorceror's Stone on tape. I have the movie and will be watching it as soon as I post. Tomorrow I shall start listening to Chamber of Secrets, I wanted to finish up one before starting another.

Not sure if this will work for everyone or just people from Alaska. But Listen Alaska is audio book downloads. You install free software from website, check out title w/your library card, download titles to your comp. and then enjoy on your pc or mp3 player.

Also I just checked out Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick and discovered a couple of patterns in it. One is a wizard hat and the other is magic spiral tube socks. I am going to try the wizard hat and see what happens. Hope this helps someone else out there.

Hi, I'm Birdy

Hello all! I'm so thrilled I found this group. I am so excited about Book Seven I am about to explode. I warned my husband that in the next 144 days don't be surprised if out of the blue I jump up and down and whisper Harry Potter!

Anyway--like I said I'm Birdy and I'm in Ravenclaw. I've got two kids (5 and 2)--my 5 year old has been big Harry Potter fan since he was a wee baby. I got into the books shortly after Goblet of Fire went to paperback. I haven't quite knitted anything Potterish, but my Mom knitted a Gryffindor Scarf for my son and crocheted a Golden Snitch for him as well. To alleviate the Deathly Hallows mania I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with an appropriate knitting project. The night before it hit me: In honor of S.P.E.W., I am going to knit up as many wee hats as I can and then donate them to my local children's hospital. I might make some wacky ones that are decidedly house elfish--ears and bobbles maybe.

At The Leaky Cauldron there's a section of there site called Harry Potter Seven (it's right at the top of the left side bar. They are awesome essays pertaining to the last book...I am not sure of it's helped the mania or made it worse, but it's fantastic brilliant stuff.

I just finished re-reading book 6...so now I am just in time to start all over again. Am I the only one that cries at the end of book 5 and book 6? I've read both many many times and it never fails to make me a sobby mess.

Happy Harry Knitting!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


OK, so I am going to make the team socks from http://www.atypicallyknit.com. I will make them in my house colors of yellow and black. Not my first color choice but my loyalty has to count for something, right?

I am at work right now so will post pics of yarn when I get home.

I'm back

My spinning retreat was quite wonderful. I finished up spinning some projects and am eager to start on new things. I will post more on the weekend on my blog tomorrow complete with pictures.

HP was not far from my mind however. I bought some wonderful, wonderful fiber blends from Crosspatch Creations. One batch made me think of dragon's fire (it had a fiery name - it was called Rhiannon's Fire). Another was called Shadow Grove and, to me, it looked like a star field on a greenish blue background. Pictures, that I'm sure won't do justice to the wonderful colors, will be on my blog tomorrow.

Watching Sorcerer's Stone and Knitting

Well, talked the DH into watching the first Harry Potter Film last night. He is slightly deaf and it usually takes 2 or 3 times before he hears everything. I love the scene with the python, Hagrid breaking down the door, and Snape walking away with his cape billowing. I still get tense with the classroom scene where the Professor changes from the cat. Always mutter book 3 book 3.

I did some research on designs and dug through my current horde of yarn. Found some yellow 100% superwash merino wool and some Uni black sock yarn. Now to find graph paper and see about designing Hufflepuff socks, and Hedwig socks.

Meanwhile, I am still working on tank top and jacket for MCY and finished several other projects for my friend Sharon http://scarves-for-all-reasons.blogspot.com

Hopefully this week I can finally catch up with my work enough to re read the books. Looking forward to it. karen a

Saturday, February 24, 2007

While I wait...

While I wait to get my yarn for my Slytherin scarf (Azkaban style) I decided to cast on to my Ravenclaw scarf for this month and next month's Project Spectrum. Who says I cant have two scarves.

I really cant wait... but work has gotten in the way of getting down to a worthy yarn shop and getting correct Slytherin scarf necessities. So the Ravenclaw scarf that started it all (I saw the scarf on atypically.knit and said I can down that...So, I learned to knit -- and its been down hill from there.) will be started all over again!

I really cant wait for my weekend to start (Tuesday) I can break out a good movie or four... and knit until my fingers hurt... hopefully Ill be able to start on something green!

Till next time: HOL (ie: Molly)

How Clever Is This Lady?

I'm in Chapter Five, Diagon Alley, of SS when Harry is in the wand store and Mr. Ollivander tells him about his parents' wands. He says (on page 82 of the US paperback) "Your father... favored a mahogany wand... A little more power and excellent for transfiguration [my italics]." That teeny-tiny clue two books prior to Azkaban that Harry's father would turn out to be an Animagus.
I think J.K. might be too clever for her own good.

More Dragons

After posting about the Dragon Scarf, I remembered seeing these two patterns here a long time ago. (click "Knitting Samples", then "Pictures", then "Animals & Insects".) They have always enticed me, but don't know if I would ever wear them. Just thought I'd share. I'm a bit of a dragon fan.

Dragons and Draco

I read someone's post over here that said they were going to do this dragon scarf and make it a Hungarian Horntail.
I love the idea, but how many scarves does a North Carolinian (not living in the mountains) actually need? Maybe it could be for my son.
I'm going to look in my Magical Beasts book and refresh myself on the colors of each kind.

As I reread HPSS, I find myself thinking Draco might not really be bad in nature, it's just his nurturing that screwed him up. I hit me the most in the scene where he and Harry first meet, trying on robes. Draco is just trying to make friends. He may not go about it the right way, but as a teacher, I've seen so many kids who just don't know how to make real friends.
Poor Draco. Sometimes parents shouldn't raise their own kids.

I've never had much sympathy for him until recently. Maybe I have some postpardum hormones bringing out the mother in me more than before. ;)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Socks anyone?

I just found this pattern online in a totally unrelated blog read.
The Horcrux Socks

As much as I don't want to speculate about Book 7, this pattern asks a question that I think is the answer.


It is the same theory my cousin and I had upon our 1st reading of HBP. A little less than 5 months to wait...

Gone for the Weekend

I'm off to a spinning retreat this weekend. It's at a retreat center, so, even though I will take my laptop, I don't know if there will be wireless, so I expect I'll be offline for a few days.

I'm done reading Sorcerer's Stone and am just starting Chamber of Secrets. But I also have Prisoner of Azkaban out because I'm want to reconcile what's said there with Hagrid borrowing Sirius Black's motorcycle at the start of Sorcerer's Stone. I'll be taking along books to read and spinning fiber, but probably no knitting at this point.

Have fun everyone with your reading and your projects.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Questions, Prefects and Scarves, Oh My!

Just a bit of business before book discussion:
1. Is there anyone who should be on the sidebar who isn't? If so, please email me at knitter.natter@yahoo.com and let me know. I'll need which house you want to be sorted into and if you have a blog I should link to your name.
2. If you would like to be listed in the sidebar under your posting name (i.e. what blogger calls you, not your everyday name ;-), let me know and I'll happily change that too.
3. Prefects- does anyone want to be one? We would need two per house. Parisa has the first spot in Gryffindor (it was her idea, in fact- thanks Parisa!) so we need two for Huffle, Raven, and Slyth and one still for Gryff. Obviously your duties wouldn't be too serious- maybe do a post a week and/or comment at least three times a week? Something fun to keep your name out there. If you're interested, let me know!
Pheeeew. Enough with the business. I've been so excited to show my own Harry Potter scarf (i.e. the scarf that never ends) that I started working on when I was a wee-new knitter in June of last year.

It's nearly six feet at this point and I have one full ball in each color of Nature Spun to go. Why has it taken since April you ask? Two reasons: an unfortunate incident and this is my "mindless/meditative" project, a.k.a one I only pick up ever so often. As long as it's ready in time for the Deathly Hollows and new film release, there's no rush.
Sorcerer's Stone point: I love that in Book One, before you ever know about Sirius Black or his importance in the story, she mentions him and his flying motorcycle. It's the first chapter, page 14 of the American paperback when Hagrid says "Young Sirius Black lent it to me." My question is, do we think she already had Sirius and his place among the Potter family plotted out? Or did she go back, seize on that character and his name and craft a story around that? Either way, I think it's awfully impressive!

i'm a little insane ...

hello all,
i'm tiffany, just joining today. i'm a crazy knitter and i'm in the middle of trying to knit a large number of HP related projects, in time for the release of the book and movie. tonight i'm starting Ron's Animal Cracker hat tonight and hoping it will be a quick knit. then i'm moving on to scarves, in all house colors, both versions. i'm recruiting some knitting friends for this. i've also purchased Hermione's Cabled Hat and Mittens and i found a pattern for Mrs. Weasley's awesome crocheted Bell Sleeves which i'm going to attempt as well, as i'm finally moving off my first crochet project. then i'll move on to sweaters. i've found links to House Sweaters as well. told you i'm a little insane!

i work to pay the bills at a bank and for fun and a discount at a yarn shop.

i blog here.

i'm looking forward to knitting, reading and watching along with you.

may i make one request? i know you put up a general spoiler alert for stuff we already know as "fact", that is books and movies already released. but i'm trying really hard to avoid learning too much new stuff before the new book comes. i don't mean it can't or shouldn't be discussed, just please issue a true "spoiler warning".

thanks, nice to connect with you all!

happy knitting!

oh, and i got sorted into Gryffindor. so excited for that!


Hi, 2nd Karen to join so I guess I will be Karen A. I was sorted into the Hufflepuff house which is cool and righteous since I have grown herbs, and vegetables for many years. I don't now as I live in Arizona in the desert in the middle of nowhere can we say drought? can we say mice? rabbits? deer? coyotes? snakes? So, no garden.

I have been reading Harry Potter a long time before my 28 year old daughter left home from college. We still share our views of the stories. I buy 3 copies of the books when they come out (pre-order) 1 for me, 1 for DH, and 1 for grandchildren.

My favorite book is all of them. Although, I felt Harry was really angry in OotP
but, my dd said she felt it was only right he was that angry.

I was shocked when Snape was the "bad" guy in the last book. I don't think an unforgivable curse would enable Professor to be in the pictures and all the playing cards. He now can see around the world.

I love to knit socks. I would hope so as I actually knitted 35 pairs last year on consignment. Started this year out slow with socks only made 4 pairs so far but, 4 sweaters, 1 afghan, and 2 tank tops. All knitted.

I am looking forward to the KAL and making new friends with same interests.

Karen A
Update ~ I have resized it so you won't have to if you decide to use the button.

Today was laundry marathon day, so I made it interesting by watching two of my HP movies. Of course, this also included reading a chapter of Mists of Avalon, chasing the toddlers out of the clothes because they thought it would be fun to throw it everywhere, pouting because my husband wouldn't let me buy any more yarn and making this:

I made a couple of these while my daughter had her afternoon snack. There's not much one can do while an 8 month old suckles. Especially when she has discovered how pretty yarn is so knitting is out of the question. I hope no one minds. I did this for my own blog, but then I thought it would be nice to share.

Sigh, wonderful day full of magic but still not sure what I'm going to make for this.

Sorceror's Stone Book discussion

I have been avidly listening to the books on tape (long commutes), no time to knit. Anyway here are my thoughts:
  1. How does someone thaw out a broomstick? Is it like remote starting our cars in cold weather?
  2. Where do wizard children receive their early education? As when they get to Hogwarts's the students all know how to read and write.
  3. And where does Mrs. Weasley find the time to whip out 7 plus sweaters a yr? Reading and listening to the book, all that is said about the sweaters is that they are warm and hand knit. And the sweaters that are given to non-family members are better made.
Maybe I will find easy hoodie patterns and make matching sweaters for my dds'. I have over 600 yds. of variegated yarn. Should be easy enough to throw a solid in there if I don't have enough of the other. OK so they won't be true Weasley sweaters as they won't be really warm. But they will be nice to layer w. (Unless oldest DD gets a job at Abercombie) LOL

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm Molly, I am a huge fan of the books. I love what the books have done for the world in getting people (not just kids) to read, and be excited to read. As someone who works in TV, I absolutely LOVE the movies. I think they are wonderful and spot on.

I've read all the books, and probably need to re-read the OotP before the movie comes out.

I was sorted to Ravenclaw, but I was feeling a bit more cheeky and decided to be put in Slytherin because no one was in Slytherin... Just to even things out.

I probably will knit a scarf.... maybe ill find something else to knit...

Just so you know my web home is: Heart of Life

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello Everyone.

My name is Miss Scarlett and I couldn't be more excited to be here!

I had the good fortune to stumble upon Harry Potter and The Philopsher's Stone before the book was a sensation. I picked it up to read with the school aged children at my Daycare and while they weren't interested (that is a sad story) I was thoroughly hooked. I have read all of the books and am looking forward to reading them again in preparation for the final book. (I am torn - I am ready for the series to conclude, but I wish that we could follow everyone on and on...sigh)

As to my favourite of the novels...I think I would have to say it is The Goblet of Fire. Things are getting darker, much darker by the end, but it is before Harry becomes a snarky brat -- yep, I had a hard time with him in OtP. I found the ending of this book to be the saddest and most moving. Being able to see and speak to his parents. Diggory's tragic death. Sigh...

I was especially upset with the way Harry treats Dumbledore in OtP. Dumbledore's conversation with him at the end of the book - he broke my heart when he explained why he didn't make Harry prefect.

My favourite movie is the 1st. The music, Dumbledore, the brickwall opening into Diagon Alley, the Gryffindor common room, the Great Hall, Hagrid, Hedwig. I do love Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort - I think they have done a brilliant job with the casting in general. Don't even get me started on how fond I am of Severus Snape...

Despite being a diehard Snape-is-good fan, I have been sorted into Ravenclaw. Which fits me to a t. I have always been fascinated by Ravens, in fact I am First Nations and the Raven is my totem animal.

I bought my wool today to begin my Ravenclaw House Scarf. I hope to cast on this week. Pictures to come.

Oh and I do have a knitting blog - come on over: Knittnfool.


Hi, Everyone. My name is Ami and I'm so happy to be here. I had been thinking of reading the HP books again as it has been some time and it seemed very fortuitous that I found this. Awesome timing. I was actually sorted into Hufflepuff just a few days before I found this.

I don't have a favorite movie or book, but I do own all of them. I'm not sure what project(s) I will do yet. However, my brother is a huge Harry Potter fan and his birthday is coming up so perhaps I'll come up with something for him.

I don't know how fast I'll read these books but since I have read them all before, numerous times, I'm perfectly happy with spoilers. I'm definitely watching the movies again though. It's much easier to knit while watching a movie than reading a book, unless it's a book on tape. :D

I do have a blog of my own although it's not specifically knitting. I set it up to tell various far flung family members about the kids and stuff, but one of my passions is knitting, so of course I had to post about that too. Carey's Cats

Flower for Professor Sprout

This weekend I was crocheting some flowers and I must have inadvertantly cast a weird Transfiguration spell on one of the flowers because, what I got, didn't look like any flower that I was expecting.

Or maybe I discovered a new plant for Professor Sprout's Herbology Class?


New Member

I am new to the group but wanted to share this book info with you
  • Charmed KNit Projects

  • I have preordered it...it looks like a lot of fun

    I have been sorted into the Hufflepuff House
  • Sunday, February 18, 2007

    Sorceror's Stone book vs. Movie

    Has anyone else noticed Hagrid's hut? In the book it is described as a small one room wooden house. That upon entering was only one room. In the movie there are two rooms and the house is made of stone. The movie house fits Hagrid better.
    I am only to Chapter 9 and I won't be pointing out every discrepancy.

    Does anyone know what kind of dog Fang really is? (movie dog breed) a hint, very LARGE dog.

    Bugger it, my cat is walking all over me and my laptop. I am surprised my daughter didn't name her Hermonie or Professor M. She would make a very good magical cat. (orange, long hair, and 6 toes on each foot.) She eats all our spiders that make their way into our house.

    Sorcerer's Stone

    I'm halfway through Sorcerer's Stone. This is the first time that I re-read it and there are a couple of things that struck me that I had either forgotten or that I didn't notice the first time I read the book those years ago.

    First of all, Hagrid arrived with the baby Harry on a motorcycle he borrowed from Sirius Black. That name would have not meant anything to me when I first read the book so I didn't remember that at all.

    Second, Hagrid was knitting on the train when he was first taking Harry to Diagon Alley. I didn't remember that either.


    Karen's Intro

    Greetings fellow Harry Potter Enthusiasts!

    My name is Karen. I'm a Gryffindor. I've been reading the HP books since sometime after book four. I enjoy all things Harry Potter. The Leaky Cauldron is my site of choice for HP news.

    My knit blog is In Knitting News. Please feel free to stop by to check out my knitting and say Hello.

    Picking a favorite book is so difficult I enjoy all of them. HP1 introduces us to Harry and the Wizarding World. Two shows Voldemort's power and introduces Ginny as a larger character. Three brings in the beloved Professor Lupin and Serious Black. Four shows Harry's strength and a bit more of the Wizarding World. Five shows Harry's growing teenage angst and brings loss. Six brings more horrible loss for Harry. What does seven hold? I have my own theories I'm looking forward to sharing. But we will not really know until the book comes out in 152 days from this post.

    I think Goblet of Fire followed by Prisoner of Azkaban are my favorite movies. I enjoy all four and am so excited about Order of the Phoenix. My sister and I have attended 12:01AM openings for all four of the movies. First showings have the BEST crowds! It's so worth the sleep deprivation later that day.

    I would like to share a few pictures of my past Harry Potter Knits. To date I've knitted two Rugby strip and one Trapped Bar house scarves in Gryffindor colors. I've also knitted Allison Hansel's HiP scarf, in Gryffindore colors. All four scarves were together at the Goblet of Fire 12:01AM showing. My sister Allison, the on the far left, has Hip and one of the Rugby stripes. The other two were gifted to one of Allison's coworker's daughter. All three, except Hip, were knitted in the round so they were essentially long tubes closed on each end with tassels. To say they are warm is an understatement. The Trapped Bar scarf took forever to knit, it seemed to just never end.

    I've also knitted Hatmione and the mittens designed Lauren Kent of atypically.knit I recommend both patterns. They are well written and the charts are nice and big so they are easy to read. My sister Allison received the set for Christmas 2005.

    One more HP inspired knit to share. I knitted Jess Hutchison's Kate in Gryffindor colors, again for my HP loving sister Allison. Do you see a trend here? Anyway. Kate is a super fun little knit.

    I'm currently searching out suitable yarn to knit the Fiber Trends Huggable Hedgehog in Gryffindore colors for, you guessed it, my sister.

    Happy knitting and reading everyone!

    Treesh's Intro

    Hi, I'm Treesh. I've never been in a KAL before (unless the Knitting Olympics counts).

    I started reading HP soon after the first book came out and became hooked. When I was in college I got hooked on reading YA books because they were usually easy reading between studying and my love of YA books has remained even though it has been many years since college. My favorite HP book is Sorcerer's Stone, mainly because it was the first book and and allowed my imagination go wild as the characters got introduced. That being said, I think I like the movie Prisoner of Azkaban best.

    I am looking forward to re-reading the books. I thought that I would do that before the last book comes out, and this KAL will give me the incentive to follow through.I haven't ever done any HP knitting project. So I decided that I will just start reading and see what will inspire me.

    I'm looking forward to this KAL.

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Hello there...

    Hiya everyone, my name is Parisa and I am a Gryffindor. I was recently promoted to Prefect by Dumbledore and promise not to go nuts with the point deductions ;) I do have some Hermione tendencies though, was so happy when I found someone in a book who was somewhat like me. I don't study quite as much as she does though! I am very excited for the series to come to its great finale and, probably am the only person who thinks this, but I think that this should be the end and be perserved in all its greatness, rather than carrying on past its peak. I also think that it's really clever that it is the seven years of secondary school that the books chronicle and I really connect with that since I studied in the British education system (I am from Northern Ireland and was actually a prefect and head girl of my year...I know, super nerdy)

    My favourite book is Prisoner of Azkaban, I love Sirius, Lupin and learning more about Harry's parents.I think my favourite film is Goblet of Fire, though I LOVE Prisoner of Azkaban, as it is the first film that really reflects the darkness that is in the books properly. I don't think the first 2 films did the books justice at all. I am currently finishing Ordering if the Phoniex and am hoping to finish Half-Blood Prince while everyone else is re-reading the series (senior at college, limited reading time).

    I have already started my first project, a pair of gloves. They are made with superwash, sock yarn in a colourway called 'Yule' and the first hand was made while watching 'The Goblet of Fire' on DVD. They're called 'Yule Ball' gloves, especially for the Yule Ball in Book 4, to keep ones hands warm on the way to the Great Hall. Snuggly warm, without being bulky...functional chic!

    Interesting fact: The first book in the series is called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone at home, the British edition name. Wonder why they changed it for America?

    Donna's Intro

    Hi everyone,

    I came into the Harry series later than most. I had never even heard of them until the first three were already out. One of my college classmates was reading one of them before class one day and it made me curious why a college student would read a "kid's" book. I bought one that afternoon and have loved them ever since.

    I enjoy the entire series, but my favorite book is definately the Goblet of Fire. I'm not really that big a fan of the Order of the Phoenix just because it is such a dark book. (Same for Half Blood Prince, but this one might require rereading...which I guess is where this blog comes in). I like the whole idea of the Order, but was not thrilled with Umbridge.

    As for my favorite movie, I would have to go with the Goblet of Fire. It could have been a lot longer, butI thought they did a great job with the effects and the storyline in general. I also really like Prisoner of Azkaban, but no real reason jumps out at me.

    As for my Harry Potter knitting, I'm thinking about making a pair of Ravenclaw socks. I already have 2 Ravenclaw scarves (one of the lighter colors and one of the trapped bar pattern from the third and fourth movies). I knitted my husband a Griffyndor scarf (trapped bar), but he isn't as much of a Harry Potter fan.

    I am looking forward to rereading the books and to the release of the seventh, but would love for her to continue to write the series...

    Thursday, February 15, 2007

    Lynn's Intro

    Hi all,

    I, too, am an avid knitter and HP fan, granted I've been an HP fan longer! I've knit for about 2 years and have been into the books since the get-go. I've read all books twice over the years and listened to each on CD. They are WONDERFUL, the man who reads them has won Grammies for them. And I don't think they are cheating to listen to. :) It's nice to be able to knit and 'read' at the same time, it lets you experience HP in yet another form.

    I've started rereading Sorcerer's Stone and think that it's my favorite. I agree it's fun for the stories to grow/darken/mature, but I love the joy of discovery in the first book. Learning about the magical world and Hogwarts. I used to dream of going off to a boarding school as a kid!

    I knit my husband the Gryffndor House Scarf for Christmas. I love it, but man it's a bucket load of SS! He was happy and surprised with it. I'd love to make myself a Weasley Sweater..might have to try that for the Movie release..

    Ok, so I've babbled enough! Check out my blog Knots in A Row And here's the link to a picture of the scarf.

    Harry Potter and The Sorceror's Stone

    I don't know if anyone else has started reading this one yet. But I have made it to Chapter 6, lots of driving. My thoughts are:
    1. how do the Dursleys' get off the island?
    2. Also Hagrid asks Harry not to mention using magic on Dudley. Isn't the ministry already aware of magic being done, due to keeping close tabs on underage wizards?
    3. Now when Dudley goes to London to have his tail removed, this appears to be our first encounter with the hospital for witches and wizards. St. Magmus.
    Just some thoughts. Haven't started my knit project yet. I decided to make a bag out of old jeans- something like what Mrs. Figg's might carry.

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007

    Intro corrections

    Just realized that my intro had a typo for my link, A Work in Progress. Also aksunflour is Janet. Sorry about the confusion.


    Hi, all! My name is Dawn, and I'm a Harry addict. I'm torn about the release of Deathly Hallows. On the one hand, finally - book seven!! And on the other, the series will be over. I'm sure I'll enjoy the book discussions - I always enjoy discussing books. And I'm sure (um, well, sort-of sure), I can manage to knit the Gryffindor house scarf in relatively reasonable period of time!

    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Kim's Intro.

    I'm Kim and my blog is, Knitter in Progress.

    It's difficult for me to pick a particular book I like. If I had to choose one, it would be Prisoner of Azkaban. I love Sirius Black(with Snape and Lupin coming in a close second). The last 3 books have been fascinating for the all the information JKR started giving us. I will admit that I have only been able to read Order of the Phoenix once--very upsetting ending in that one.

    My favorite movie was Prisoner of Azkaban as well, but I think I will really enjoy Order of the Phoenix(even if I go through a whole box of tissues) unless the screen writers really mangle the storyline.

    I really enjoy the dark turn the books and the movies are taking. I think that JKR is brilliant. Her books are one of the only ones I've found where kids as well as adults can have lengthy discussions. The story has definitely taken on a life of its own. It will be a shame to see it all end with the last book. Although there is a part of me that secretly hopes she does something at some point with the Mauraders. I'd love to know about their school days, their families, and their lives up until James and Lily were killed.

    Ann's Intro

    Hi, my name is Ann and I am ... a Harry Potter Knitter. I'm totally addicted to the books and to the projects I have made with the books in mind. In the past I have made myself a scarf (Ravenclaw book colors), a Weasley sweater for my little boy (fits for the 3rd winter in a row!), a tie in Gryffindor colors for a friend, and many Weasley Sweater ornaments for fellow Potter fans.
    I'm batting different ideas around as to what to make for the movie opening and the book release. Too many choices!
    My favorite book is probably Azkaban - I just love Sirius, though Order of the Pheonix follows close behind. (It's almost like asking me which Beatle is my favorite - how can I choose?!) My favorite movie so far has been Azkaban also. Gary Oldman as Sirius is perfect. I also love Lupin. He's great in the books and the actor does a good job with him on the screen.
    I have high expectations for book 7. But mainly, I just don't want any Weasley's to come to a bad end. (Except Percy, of course.) I'm a big Weasley fan. There are so few positive portrayals of redheads in the media and the Weasleys do a great job of being a good family. As a redhead married to a redhead with 2 redheaded kids, I'm just a bit partial to them.
    I look forward to refreshing myself up on the series and discussing it with fellow HP fans!

    Sirius is innocent!

    Hi! I am Aksunflour (Hufflepuff)

    Well I am Aksunflour, my regular blog is A work in progress. Wow I linked it, I am so new to this blogger stuff. Hmmmm...... Favorite Harry movie, I have favorite scenes but a movie? I will have to say the flying car and the spider. My mind is blanking on the names of both, the names of the spider and the title of the movie. Favorite book- same thing I have a favorite scene. And when that scene is put into a movie it won't be as good, because it is when Weasley twins create the swamp for Umbridge. Again unable to remember which book though. I was just thinking about re-reading all the books, so this is a great idea. Ok right now I am cheating, I checked out Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone book on tape. So during my commutes to and fro work I will be listening to it. It is the unabridged one, so not completely cheating.
    I have already been sorted into Hufflepuff, oddly enough that is the house I was thinking about.
    This is a really good idea you two thank you.

    Friday, February 9, 2007

    Em's Introduction

    I'm Em, you can find my regular blog here, and I'm the founder of this here blog. Ha-llo!

    I would say Goblet is my favorite book with Order being a very close second. Goblet wins mainly because I think the tournament is an extraordinary creation, I love the development of Ron and Hermione's relationship, Ron and Harry resolving some issues that you know had to have been building for three books, and the ending- good grief, I was sitting on the edge of my seat through the whole reading!

    Favorite movie is a little trickier- I want to say Goblet, what with the incredible dragon scene and the introduction of Mr. Ralph Fiennes as Lord Voldemort, but the ending was so rushed, for me, it detracted from the film. Of course I knew the missing pieces, but I wanted to see it explained. I'm a fanatic, what can I say ;-)? Azkaban pretty thoroughly fleshed out the end of the book, and as the finish is my favorite part, I'd probably pick that as my favorite film.

    I'm glad to be doing this KAL! Welcome!

    Tuesday, February 6, 2007


    Who doesn't love a blog with prizes? This KAL will have two contests, the first for Books 1-3 (Stone, Secrets, and Azkaban), the second for 4-6 (Goblet, Phoenix, and Prince).
    Projects crafted from or based on either set of books should be submitted, with pictures, start and finish dates, and materials, and patterns used. Traditional crafts- scarves, sweaters, gloves- or less traditional- elf hats, tea cozies, mismatched socks- are all permissible! Take a page from J.K.'s book and get creative!
    The first contest will be from Feb to April. All projects from these first three books should be submitted by Monday April 2nd, and the winner will be announced the following Friday, April 6th.
    The second contest will begin April 2nd and end July 2nd. The winner of the second contest will be announced July 6th.
    Prizes to be announced, though you can expect something related to Harry!


    Here are a few Guidelines to consider:

    1. As long as the post or project relate to Harry, this is the place for it.

    2. Please introduce yourself when you join! A post with your name, regular blog, favorite Potter book and favorite Potter film would be a great way to get to know you!

    3. You don't need to have a blog to join, but if you do and would like it listed, please include it in your request for the invitation.

    4. I will try and post updates on Harry information and also pattern ideas. However, if you have anything you'd like added to the sidebar, please email me at knitter.natter@yahoo.com.

    5. This is a blog of opinion, we all have one, we encourage the expression of them, but please be respectful of others' thoughts and comments. Nasty comments or posts will not be tolerated.

    6. If you've not read all six books, expect spoilers. If any of J.K.'s fantastic surprises could be ruined for you, I recommend not joining until you've finished the first six books.

    7. Questions about the books are welcome!

    8. Discussion is what this blog is about- be it HP reading or HP crafting, bring it to the KAL!

    9. Predictions on the Deathly Hollows, no matter how wild, are always allowed. Sleuth J.K. out!

    10. Pictures are highly encouraged!

    Please have fun with this blog! Its intention is to be a great way to pass the time between now and Book Seven, to meet other Harry-fanatics, and to find new and exciting projects to express your love of all things Potter!


    Welcome to Harry Potter and the Book Seven KAL, the place to read, talk, knit and crochet all things Harry. Inspired by my friend Ann, who decided to re-read each book, in order, between now and the release of The Deathly Hollows, I decided a Knit-a-long, Read-a-long in honor of the end of the series was in order. Is it possible the Harry series is almost at a close? Can it really have been nearly ten years since the release of Sorcerer's Stone? Is the time to the final book going to drag by?
    Well, pull out your boxed sets, dust-off your burgundy and gold yarn, and set to a project!
    We'll take the books in order, one to a month. However, due to the length of Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets and the time left between now and the last book, we'll read both these books in the month of Feb or at least start Chamber and carry it over into March with Azkaban. There are no hard and fast rules about what book you might want to discuss and all Harry subjects are welcome. The book a month provides only a simple chronology of what to read from now until the final book, which would look like this:
    Feb- Sorcerer's Stone/Chamber of Secrets
    March- Finish Chamber of Secrets/Prisoner of Azkaban
    April- Goblet of Fire
    May- Order of the Phoenix
    June/start of July- Half-Blood Prince
    July- Deathly Hollows!!!!
    We'll be sorting people into their houses, so when you join please introduce yourself and let us know which house you either a) think you would be in b) have already been sorted into or (if you sorted the way you hoped!) c) both.
    For questions please check the Guidelines section.
    There will also be contests, one for books 1-3 and one for 4-6. Check Contests for rules and prize details!