Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hi! I am Aksunflour (Hufflepuff)

Well I am Aksunflour, my regular blog is A work in progress. Wow I linked it, I am so new to this blogger stuff. Hmmmm...... Favorite Harry movie, I have favorite scenes but a movie? I will have to say the flying car and the spider. My mind is blanking on the names of both, the names of the spider and the title of the movie. Favorite book- same thing I have a favorite scene. And when that scene is put into a movie it won't be as good, because it is when Weasley twins create the swamp for Umbridge. Again unable to remember which book though. I was just thinking about re-reading all the books, so this is a great idea. Ok right now I am cheating, I checked out Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone book on tape. So during my commutes to and fro work I will be listening to it. It is the unabridged one, so not completely cheating.
I have already been sorted into Hufflepuff, oddly enough that is the house I was thinking about.
This is a really good idea you two thank you.


Em said...

I love the scene with the Weasleys and the swamp. You've inspired me to pick my favorite scene... to be announced when I've figured out what it is!
Don't you love audio books? When I figured out I could knit and *read* at the same time- that was a great day.
We're glad you're playing along!

Ann said...

Welcome aboard!
It's great to have a Huffle in our group.
I love almost any of the scenes with the Weasleys, especially ones with Fred and George. (I think my obsession with Ron transferred to the twins after the last movie. I just couldn't get enough of them! I hope we see more in OoP.)
The audiobooks are a great way to go. I like listening to them while knitting or cooking. Jim Dale, reader for the American versions, does a good job. I want to get my hands on - or ears on - Stephen Frye's reading of the British versions.
Anyway, glad to have you with us!