Monday, May 21, 2007

Finally! A Finished Project!

I've finally finished my Harry Potter house scarf. It took ages (ten months) and nearly killed me (or at least the fringing did). If you'd like to see it, click here. I'm sorry, I'm too tired to upload pics here, Blogger's been giving me fits today.
But it's lovely, what with being a co-host and all, to finally have something to contribute. For a while, it was in question.
I love seeing all the progress! You're a great group to Knit-a-long with! And only 60 days (SIXTY DAYS!) to the book. HAHAHA.
Sorry. The fringe did drive me a little mad.


Janet said...

wow!!! Nice scarf and good doggie. Ten months? OK, I have something getting near that long too.

Ann said...

What a cute doggie Barkley is!