Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Order of the Phoenix Book review

Wow, I am still on target. That is so impressive. Anyways just finished reading the book, now trying to listen to it on tape as I missed some key points.
  1. My sister said that the necklace Dumbledore and Harry were looking for in Half-Blood was already found at Sirius house. Where is that reference? And has anyone else made that connection yet?
  2. Umbridge is really on the Death-eaters side.
  3. And aren't Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle's mom's tired of finding their kids covered in hexes on the train? (The dad's are in Azkaban- since Harry pointed them out)
Too tired to think of anymore.


Em said...

I'd wondered about the locket too! When Sirius, Molly, and the kids are cleaning the house in OotP, one of the things they find, mentioned in passing, is "also a heavy locket that none of them could open" (page 116 of the American hardback edition in the chapter "The noble and most ancient house of Black"). IS that the locket of Slytherin? Would that link up "RAB" from H-BP being Sirius *supposedly* dead brother Regulus (who we also find out about in that same chapter)?
Thanks for bringing this up Janet!

Janet said...

Thank you for the linking of the two. If that is the case who was RAB working with?

Treesh said...

Thanks for the reference Em. When I reread OotP I and saw that, I did immediately think of the necklace in HBP. I guess we'll find out ...

I don't know about Umbridge. Though she is horribly mean and seems quite evil, I didn't think she was a Death-eater. Fudge for a while seemed intentionally covering things up, but you find out later that he was just incredibly stupid. But Umbridge does seem a lot worse than Fudge. She goes over Fudge's head to send the dementors to attack Harry, so maybe she is working with the Death eaters.