Wednesday, May 9, 2007

House elf thoughts

Just some thoughts on House elves.
  1. Hermione is so fond of saying that no one can apparate inside of Hogwart's. How do the house elves do it?
  2. How do House elves propogate?

I am a slow knitter- been knitting house elf slippers for almost 2 weeks now. Haven't started OtP yet as the book on tape is checked out and I am #2 on the wait list.


Treesh said...

I don't think it is ever explained. There are other things house elves can do that seem quite advanced. The Harry Potter Lexicon has an article about house elves here. Perhaps we'll learn more in Book 7??

Miss Scarlett said...

Hmmmm hadn't thought about it.

It makes me smile that you said 'propogate' - are you a Neville fan?