Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Griffindor Dress Socks Completed

Again done with Opal Uni sock yarn, and two acrylic yarns size 11 mens with 9" of ribbing (the yellow is the same used in the Hufflepuff Socks). The Hufflepuff socks are residing in Seattle WA. the Griffindor socks will be in Maine soon, and the Syltherin socks will be in San Francisco.
Started the Syltherin socks Opal Uni sock yarn, Lorna Lace Shephard sock yarn in sage, and pewter already finished one and on the second sock will post picture later. These are made size 10 mens (for son-in-law).
Grandson is a size 11 mens sock so he will get the Ravensclaw socks.
have a great week
Karen A

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Cheryl said...

Those are so very handsome....nice job