Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Release Parties

So I'm curious, and the blog's been kinda quiet, what did everyone do for the book 6 release?

I was lucky enough to live close to where Mugglenet held that huge party they threw. We spent all day there, admiring the decor, enjoying the entertainment, running away from Dementors (if you paid $2 you could have a friend thrown in Azkaban), pretty much confirming that we are and always will be dorks.

I made a shirt too. On the front is Lucius, looking hot. On the back it said Evil is so SEXY!

I knit myself a scarf, but it was too hot, so it ended up a hip-sash.
(Pardon the lack of lipstick and the shiny skin, this was taken just before they started handing out the books at midnight)

So what did you all do?


Ann said...

What a great idea to bring up! I had a fabulous time during the release of book 6 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Let me tell you, the Books-a-Million there threw a fun, organized, but not too much so , party. I met two other adult HP fans there. (One of which had been in the hospital earlier that day for false labor. She told the hospital staff she refused to have the baby until after she had the book!)
WHen you walked in, they had you reach into a wizerd hat to be sorted. I pulled out Ravenclaw - I was thrilled! Then I went to my house and did some games and sctivites. I met a neat high schooler there that was so cute. She started our conversation with "So, do you think Hermione will be as concerned with the house elf cause in this one?"
The night passed quickly - it was great to be with my two friends and all three of us child-free for the night.
When we lined up, two old German ladies were behind us (one of the great things about Fayetteville is that there are so many different people there from so many different countries because of the military) and I heard one of them say that she htought DUmbledore would be killed in the book. I turned to my friends and we all thought that could never happen.
I was shocked when I discovered she was right!
I'll be meeting those some two friends again this year in the Fayetteville BAM. Now htat I don't live in the area, this will be the first time I've been able to see them for well over a year.
I can't wait!

Jo said...

Well, I feel dull.

I reserved my copy ahead of time at Borders, but didn't go to a party.

The morning of the release date, I stopped to do some errands at WalMart on the way to Borders, and they had a huge stack of HBP in the entrance. I snapped one up, did my shopping quickly, went home, and read to the end.

But when GoF came out in the movies, my daughter and I attended wearing movie 1 & 2 scarves. As we walked up to him, the guy taking tickets said "Oh, you're here to see Harry Potter!" We were also stopped by fans asking where we got our scarves.

I need to make something to wear to this movie. Something that won't be too warm.

Kim said...

For the release of the last two books I attend the midnight release party at Barnes and Noble.

HBP had everyone sorted into houses and your house determined which register you used to pay for your book(so even though I'm a Ravenclaw; I took Slytherin so I didn't have to sit there until all hours of the morning--I wanted to get reading!!)

For OotP my family and I had just returned from a trip. We got off the plane, drove home, unpacked the car, then I left my husband and kiddos home so I could go and wait for my book :)

Janet said...

This will be my first book release party. I read the others a week or so after release. DH did ask if I wanted an Amazon reserve copy- I answered sheepishly. "ummmm no i already have one reserved, by the way you need to do Daddy duty on July 20. Because I'm going to a release party at midnight." As for the movies I bought advance tickets for matinées, except GoF i watched that one finally this New Year's eve.

Anonymous said...

This year will be my first release party, although last time I went to Walmart to get HPB at midnight and saw the release-party-goers at Barnes & Noble as I drove by. I didn't get into Harry Potter until after the first four books had already come out. But I have been to every single movie the day of its release no matter what. The crowds tend to be huge that first night, but I don't think I've ever been told that a showing was full. But I don't go to the first showing, I generally go in the evening.

Miss Scarlett said...

Our local bookstore does the Midnight Release. I have gone the last 2 years.
It is so fun - children, adults, seniors, teens, even babies are lined up! One of the little babies was dressed like Harry, with even a red lightning bolt scar.
Last year the chocolate shop next door to the bookstore was open selling Potter themed chocolate lollies.
It is a lot of fun.
I am so torn this year - I am supposed to be out of town all weekend with family, I am thinking of coming back for the release so I can have my book for secret reading. It is going to be torture. I had been planning to dress my dog up like Harry - she has a black rain cloak with a hood and a pair of my brother's old glasses would do nicely.

I love your Lucius shirt!