Sunday, May 20, 2007

I have not blogged much here as I have been busy juggling work, re-reading all the books and knitting HP theme stuff.

Here is my latest cast off:

I knitted them for my darling who is not a Harry Potter fan, but I snuck these in under her very nose.... (evil laugh). There are from the Six Sock KAL and they are Susan Lawrence's Horcrux socks. The cuff is designed to be Harry's lightning bolts. You can see that pattern real good on her socks.

There are two versions of this pattern. The first one was originally wrote for worsted weight yarn and posted on I am Knitting As Fast As I Can. It is a freebie pattern, just go to her site and look in the sidebar under Free Patterns.

Then Susan revised it in fingering yarn for this quarter's Six Sock KAL.

This is my fourth pair of socks, so they are very easy to follow the pattern and make. I am casting on for my own pair in traditional Gryfindor colors. I am also making and will be blogging here and my own blog As I Knit about making Molly's COS movie sweater with the crocheted sleeves. The pattern is in Charmed Knits. There are lots of movie/books events this summer and I need to have the proper wizard attire. Would not want anyone to think I was a Muggle, would I?



Jo said...

I love the socks!

Ann said...

The socks really look good!