Saturday, June 9, 2007

1/2 Blood Prince book discussion

ok I am done reading 1/2 blood Prince.
  • And am wondering who was Amelia Bones?
  • Hagrid's brother Gwarp has an unseen use.
  • Godric Hollows = Deathly Hollows
  • when will the locket connection be made?
  • dobby and kreacher we will see again
  • where are the other Horocruxes?
Just some thoughts.


Em said...

I remember Amelia Bones from OotP. She was one of the judges (?) at Harry's trial when the Ministry wanted to expel him from Hogwarts. She asked about him producing a "corporeal Patronus." That's what I know about her. And her niece Susan Bones was one of the D.A.
I'm not sure about Gwap, but I ask: what are the odds he gets cut from the movie of OotP? And Kreacher? They cut Winky entirely and Dobby from GoF... they seem to have a terribly disregard for magical non-humans... ;-)
Great questions!

Janet said...

Thanks for the Amelia reminder.
And you are right about cutting Gwarp, Dobby and Kreacher out of the movie. I wonder what will be done about the portrait (mrs. black's) Also Firenze.