Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tonks hat

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not crazy about the casting and costume of Tonks in the upcoming movie. She doesn't look anything like I pictured her, and I'm disappointed by the hair. That is purple hair, not hot pink. I'm not sure what they think hot pink is, but I feel pretty sure they could have come a little bit closer to it than this.

That's what gave me the idea for a Tonks hat. Head Huggers has a free pattern for a fun fur hat that is supposed to look like real hair.

I already have some hot pink (real hot pink) fun fur in my stash, and I think I'm going to use it to make a Tonks cap. Now, whether I'm brave enough to wear it to the movies...hmm. ;)


Scarlett said...

You are entirely correct in your assessment of Tonks hair. I have always been disappointed in the movie Hermione hair. In the books, I always picture it humidity frizzy manner. In the OOP at the ball, JKR does a couple of paragraphs about how sleek Herminone's hair was for the ball (which is why no one recognized her at first), and even later Hermione states it took to long to do all the smoothing stuff.

Love your idea of the wig!

Treesh said...

Oh what a neat idea for a Tonks wig.Do post a picture when you are done!

Lindsay said...

yeah, that's not at all how i pictured her. at some point in the book she had purple hair, but she said it didn't suit her, so she made it hot pink.

that's really pretty lame of them. maybe it changes in the movie, and it's just purple for some scenes. though i'm guessing they probably won't address the fact that she can change her appearance (though i think that would be a really fun thing to play with).

Janet said...

Hmmm.. I don't like Tonks either! She looks to Hermonie(ish). I don't like Mad eye either. He isn't scarry enough. Oh well that is my imagination against people who cast and write the scripts.