Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lots of Knitting!

I have knitted up a ton of Harry Potter related objects. I also managed to read the sixth book. I have once again started with the first and plan on reading the series again before the release of the seventh book. I think I will start off with my comments from the book, then go on to knitting.

First, wouldn't Voldemort have put curses on Harry if he was being used as a Horcrux? There were curses on the other ones.
Second, does Harry still want to become an Auror? If he does won't he have to go back to Hogwarts for his final year?

That was all I could come up with for this book. On to my knitting. First off, here is my owl: Isn't he adorable! I finished him up the same day I started him. (that is the second). However, I could not think up a name for him. Any suggestions?

I have also knitted up a mini sweater for my uncle for Christmas. I didn't add the embroidery because I don't think he reads Harry Potter. Awful, I know. I also made a little Ravenclaw bookmark for me, which you can see below.

I also knitted up a baby hat, using the Tea Cozy Crown. It is soooooo cute. I used navy for the body and gold for the stripe. Ravenclaw yet again! Here's a pic:

In the car yesterday on the way back from Florida, I cast on and knitted up the first mitten using Gryffindor colors and the trapped bar pattern. I love it. I cast on the second of the pair during church, and managed to get to the thumb gusset during the sermon. Unfortunately, I didn't snap a pic of them yet. Maybe tomorrow. I also started a Slytherin colored Warm Up America! square that I am crocheting. Have a picture! Since I took the picture, I have worked almost two stripes. Of course, it wasn't until I finished the first stripe that I measured. It was nine inches wide. I decided to work for seven inches then finish it and call it vertical stripes!



EnnaVic said...

Gorgeous knitting.

I have an order for some bookscarves in Ravenclaw for my 8yo son and Gryffindor for my 6yo son - but they are on hold for the moment while I try and finish some other pieces.

I'm just impressed by any finished objects at the moment as I seem to be a flitting between UFO phase ("so what else is new" says my husband!)

Janet said...

Wow! that is alot of knitting. I am so glad that I am not alone in knitting during the sermon. (my mom would have a heartattack or something- but it is better than writing out your grocery list.)

After re-reading 1/2 Blood, my first thought was Harry wasn't a Horocrux. But now I have changed my mind. Because after Voldermort attacked Harry, Voldermort was reduced to almost nothing. Harry was Voldermort's 7th horocrux (unintentionally) But I don't think that Nagini is a horocrux at all. Because where was she all those years of nothingness? If she is one then it is a new one. and voldermort has retrieved one of the others. (I don't think that voldermort would want pieces of himself left behind when Nagini sheds her skin.)

Em said...

Those are all so cute! Keep up the good knitting!