Saturday, June 2, 2007

An Owl For A Ravenclaw

I just bought the book Charmed Knits today and I am in LOVE!!!!! I am casting on for Errol the owl right now as I type. However, as I am in Ravenclaw, he will not be called Errol. I will have to post a picture of him when he is done so you can all help me decide on a name for him.

I am going to the beach this week and I am taking the sixth book with me. I will probably be able to finish it this week, along with other Harry Potter related knitting. I was going through my stash today, and realized that I have a ton of Slythryn green! I am going to pick up a skein of gray/silver Red Heart to match it and make a pair of mittens in Slythryn colors. I will gift them to a friend of mine for Christmas or something.

Did you see that they are making a Harry Potter theme park!!!!!! I am very excited! I can't wait for '09 so I can go see it!!!



Janet said...

Theme park? where? Enjoy the beach.

Treesh said...

I read about it online. Here is one link to a story.

Ann said...

I'm blown away by the theme park idea. I am at once attracted and repelled at the idea. I fear they may get MY Hogwarts wrong.
And my insane self thinks it will be run by a bunch of muggles who know nothing.
Also, the whole commercialism of it all.
But Man! I look forward to going!