Thursday, June 21, 2007


Our second week of our Countdown Contest is now in play!

The first two KALers to email me a correct answer at will win!

Please only email me if you're currently a member of this blog. In your email, besides your clever answer, include how you're listed on the sidebar so I can link your name on the winners' post.


We've watched Harry, in these last six books, grow more rebellious and more defiant of authority. Can you tell us every book in which Harry has received detention, from any teacher, in his first week of school? Include in your answer: 1) which book, 2) the teacher who gave the detention and 3) the length of the punishment (one detention, two detentions, etc).

Any questions?

Winners and the correct answer will be posted tomorrow, Friday, evening or first thing Saturday morning.

And I'll be shopping tomorrow for some extra-Harry prizes... ;-)

Good luck!

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