Monday, April 2, 2007

Contest Reminders!

Just a quick reminder. If you're wanting to submit something to the first HP contest, it needs to be posted tonight (Monday, April 2nd)! With a picture, and a description, if you'll be so kind.

Ann and I will make a list of participants and post it sometime tomorrow- make sure you're not left off! And then (drumroll please) we'll have a winner before the end of the week! Whoo-hoo!

Can you believe we're halfway through this thing? Wild stuff, huh?

Thanks so much to all you fab bloggers- what a great group!


Jo said...


Check your e-mail! I couldn't get it onto the blog any other way, so I sent you an e-mail to post for me, complete with photos.


Em said...

Not a prob,Jo. I'll make sure I've got it and I'll post it for you!