Friday, April 27, 2007

Gof book discussion

I just finished GoF on tape. Not sure when I will get time to read it. Some thoughts are...
  1. Butterbeer is alcoholic (I am now addicted to the stuff.) Not sure if I want my children drinking alcohol.
  2. Harry is really naive. Things get told to him but he doesn't remember them.
  • Voldemort tells Harry at the graveyard that Dumbledore has done magic to ensure Harry's safety. That is why he has to go to his Aunts every summer.
  1. Also the order of people coming out Voldemort's wand is wrong. Harry's mom died after Harry's father.
  2. How did Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle get out of the hexes and go home?
  3. If Rita Skeeter was a bug- how come she never got ate by a bird?
  4. I like the movie version of how Harry gets the gillyweed better than the book.
  5. I really enjoyed moaning Myrtle appearing in the bathtub. Hmm.. she helps him out a couple of times.
Well I am off to work on my elf slippers.


Em said...

In no particular order...
I think the wand order is right as its last people he killed come out first. Hence, Cedric, then Frank, then Bertha, then Lily, then James. As James died to protect Lily and Harry he would have been the first to die, hence the last to come out of the wand. Confusing, huh? ;-)
I've wondered about the alcoholic content of butterbeer before. I was betting it couldn't be any higher than say your average Nyquil. And besides Winky, no one seems to have developed a drink problem from it!
As far as Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, I'm not sure, but I remember in Half-Blood Prince that Tonks rescues Harry from the jinx Malfoy put on him. Their parents had to wonder where their kids were and come looking for them.
Just a few thoughts! Great questions and thoughts!

Birdwell said...

Hmm...good points.

1: I think Butterbeer like root beer...has "beer" in the name but isn't alcoholic--but perhaps other ingredients does do funny things to House Elves--which aren't human. I doubt students would be allowed to have some if it were alcoholic. I certainly don't see Mrs. Weasley allowing it.

2: Yeah Harry is kinda thick--he's been quite thick at times--but if he wasn't the series would have ended a while back.

3: This is a mistake in the editing and has been corrected in later written editions of the book. They didn't redo the audio books.

4: I think JK likes to leave somethings to the imagination. I am sure the conductor found them fixed them and sent them on their way. It not an important plot point wasn't written out. The book was long enough for gosh sakes.

5: It would be divine justice wouldn't it--perhaps even bird's don't like the taste/smell of buggy Rita. LOL

6: Yeah it gives more credit to Neville... But it also illustrates Harry's persistence at not asking people for help. Even though he's been told time and time again...JUST ASK!!! Let's hope he's cured of this habit in DH.

7: Poor Myrtle...poor Harry.

I wonder why Rita the bug was taken out of the movie script--esp. when it's a plot point in the next book. I am wondering if they'll even include the magazine article at all.

Birdwell said...

I shouldn't comment so early!! I have a recipe for non-alcoholic Muggle Butterbeer. I add butterscotch syrup to cream soda (enough to get the buttery taste--too much and yo go into sugar shock)'s completely kid friendly.