Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pygmy Puff

Thanks to Mandy's Pygmy Puff pattern and a few of my own alterations (I decided to knit in the beads and I added an I-Cord tongue). I added a safety pin so he could ride on my shoulder.

His name is Bob. He's frisky. I am so wearing him to the movie...and he'll cry with me during book seven.

And if you want to know why having children should be done with a great amount of fore thought--go to my blog to see how my day has been so far. Sigh.


Cheryl said...

Too cute, and there is nothing wrong with being green, :)

Mandy said...

I love Bob he is so cute! He is a nice addition to the Pygmy Puff family!

Karen said...

Oh the green!

I LOVE Bob. I have some fun fur left over from past hedgehogs. The eyes and I-cord tongue are brilliant.

Jo said...

That's so neat! I really like Bob!

Miss Scarlett said...

The Pygmy Puff is adorable!
And oh - you have my sympathy. I think I would have cried for a bit if I found that 'all green' baby and kitchen.