Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kristin, I'm new here today and I can't wait for the new Harry Book to come out (both the knitting and reading one :) ) My first project is going to be the Horcrux Socks with the Six Sock Knit Along... the next two months are those so I'm excited to try those... And many other Harry things :)

My blog is:

Thanks for letting me join...


Birdwell said...

Welcome Kristin!

I am totally dying for the new book to come out--sometimes I just can't stand it. I am keeping myself occupied by knitting house elf hats for my S.P.E.W. hat project.

Jo said...

What are horcrux socks?

And that S.P.E.W. hat project sounds wonderful. Can we see some? Are you putting house elf ears on them?

Janet said...

Welcome to Hufflepuff. I love making socks. When I turned my first heel I was so excited.