Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Harry Potter and Dr. Who

If you're not a Dr. Who fan, please forgive me, as this next post will not make much sense.

Oh, okay, I'll fill you in; Dr. Who is a sci-fi/fantasy show that airs in Britain, and is about a time-traveling man who calls himself the "Doctor". No one knows his name, thence the Dr. "Who". (Yes, I know, terrible pun).

Anyway, as I live in the USA it takes me a few days to get the episodes after they air in Britain. Last night hubby and I watched it, and were thrilled to see the writers of the show acknowledge Harry Potter! In the episode!

Here's a short version of some dialogue after they find themselves in Elizabethan England:
Jones: Isn't this all a bit "Harry Potter" and all?
Dr. Who: Oh yes. Just wait till you read book 7. I cried. (Remember he's a time traveler)

Then, at the end of the episode, Shakespeare has to banish three witches (hmm, this is a terrible summary of the plot, isn't it?), he comes up with a sonnet on the spot (as curses simply must rhyme), and cannot think of the last rhyming word, which Jones supplies for him - "Expelliarmus!"

Okay, just take my word for it, if you like Harry Potter, you'll probably like Dr. Who too. And what could possibly be better than them both!

And, as this is primarily a knit a long, let me assure you that my fingers were busy flying along with the witches!

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Jo said...

Great post!

I'm a Dr. Who fan, too. The last episode I saw was "Doomsday" which is the last with Rose/Billy Piper.

So tell me about the new companion!

I'm guessing that you see the new episodes over the internet, which means that I have to wait for the SciFi Channel to show them. How frustrating!

I'd love to read your blog, but the burgundy background and the light medium grey text have little real contrast and make it almost impossible to read.

It's great to run across another Whovian, though.

Treesh said...

I love Dr. Who also.

Was watching GOF yesterday. Isn't the young Barry Crouch the same actor that plays the new Doctor?

Karen said...

Ack! Spoilers!!! I'm slowly watching Season one on dvd with a friend, I knit and she crochets or works on belly dancing costumes. I'm loving the series!

Must watch more Dr Who and get caught up!

megan said...

You probably know this but I didn't see it mentioned in the blog. Dr Who (I think that is who he plays) is the same guy that plays Barty Crouch Jr. in the 4th movie. Don't know actor's name...

Jo said...

Yes, David Tenent plays both Barty Crouch Jr., AND Dr. Who!

They didn't list him in the tail credits of GoF, but his name's somewhere in the opening credits.

It"s not a spoiler. His picture is in the post above. You can actually see his face!

I don't know anything about the new companion, though.

Karen said...

Got to watch two more episodes of the first season of Dr Who tonight and work on a Gryffendor Sheldon the Turtle.

Oh it's such a fun series.

Looking forward to seeing the next Dr in action when we get to the second season. Did not know that he also played Barty Crouch Jr. Very interesting.