Monday, April 16, 2007

Questions about Azkaban (I'm Behind!)

I finished Prisoner of Azkaban this afternoon and had two questions to put out to the group.

1. On page 204 of the American hardback, Fudge says "Dumbledore, who was of course working tirelessly against Who-Know-Who, had a number of useful spies." We know about Snape, of course, but "spies" implies more than one. Does anyone recall other spies for the Order that have been mentioned? Is there a Death Eater who will turn out to be a spy? I know in Goblet we see captured Death Eaters turning over information, but I don't think J.K. is refering to those people. Who are the spies?

2. On page 370 of the American hardback, Sirius says "Voldemort's been in hiding for fifteen years, they say he's already half-dead." I thought Voldemort would only have been in hiding for twelve years, since Harry was one. Is this a mistake or is there a finer point I've not realized?

What do you all think?


Lynn said...

In answer to question 2. The attack was on Oct 31 when Harry was less than a year old. This is the third year of school (1st year 11, 2nd year 12, 3 year 13), so I just get to 14 years on the Halloween of his 3rd year in school, not 15.

Some help with the Harry Math!

Lynn said...

Oh! I think that Voldemort was in hiding BEFORE he killed Harry's parents, because the Death Eaters were out killing people for him.

Cheryl said...

I agree with Lynn, I think he was in hiding for some time..

Jo said...

For the second point: Peter has been a rat for 12 years, ever since the little problem of trying to kill Harry. Yes, it says Voldemort has been hiding for 15 years.

There is the POSSIBILITY that that 5 could be a typo. I help put together books.

Unless JKR sent in files that could be imported into the page make-up program, there was a typist involved. Even if they worked directly from her files, there's still the possibility that she hit the wrong key and didn't catch it.

But it seems incorrect unless the Order had managed to drive him underground before he attacked the Potters.

And speaking of the Order, all of it's members were potential spies. Snape is the only real mole we know of though, unless I've missed something.

sarah said...

Don't know about the math, but one discrepancy that's been bugging the heck out of me is how Harry's mom is constantly being referred to as a muggle, when we know she was actually a witch. Has anyone else noticed/been bothered by this? It happens many times throughout the books and I believe also once in one of the movies. Sorry I can't give more specifics, I'm at work and without my books!

Treesh said...


Since I get my books out of the library, I don't have any on hand to look at right at the moment (I'm listening to GoF instead of reading it). So I don't know in which context Harry's mom is referred to as a muggle. Certainly she had muggle parents since Harry's aunt was her sister. So could that the context behind the remarks - not from a pure blood family?

Janet said...

I disagree w/Harry being under a yr. when Voldemort attacked him. Harry's bday is July, the attack occured in Oct. He would have been 4 mos. old- Harry was older than that. Also in COS Chapter 2 states nearly 10 yrs. had passed since the Dursleys found Harry on their doorstep. On page 43 -on Tuesday was Harry's 11th bday.

I do believe that Harry's mom is referred to as muggle born.
Voldermort in hiding 15 yrs. has to be a typo. No one can hide out that long and not lose a lot of support.
Also spies are everywhere- we will learn more about them in later books.

Birdwell said...

I think Sirius was rounding up. It's far easier to say 15 years ago-rather than 13 years and 7 months or what ever. It was a heat of the moment thing--he was a bit stressed out yelling at Peter after all.