Thursday, April 5, 2007

Contest One!

Hello Contestants! Please check through the list to see all the very cool submissions.

First entry, sent to me to post by our lovely house ghost Jo:

"There are two Ravenclaw scarves that I started sometime in February.
One is the early movie type with the wide, even bars. The other is the
later version that is called the "trapped bar" pattern. There is a hat
to go with each of them. I finished the hats a few weeks ago, and put
the fringe on the scarves today.

There is also a Weasley sweater in navy blue with a snitch duplicate
stitched on the front in metallic yarn. I really like the snitch! I
started it around the end of February/beginning of March and did the
embroidery today.

This contest and KAL has been so much fun! I've been rereading the
books (almost done GoF) and watching the movies. I'm just staggared
and impressed with the stories all over again. Thanks for reminding me
just how wonderful they are.

I've been struggling with a lot of problems lately, and it's been
pretty discouraging, but watching Lupin deal with his problem in the
stories and then looking at Greyback and how he dealt with the same
problem has made me look around at how I'm dealing with my problems
and how others are dealing with the same problems. I can't change the
world and make everything right for every individual in the world, but
I am doing what I can with what I have, and the books are helping me
hold my head up with a little pride and dignity because at least I'm
still trying."

I intended to post each picture from these various posts, but, for some reason (nothing to do with me being a total computer Squib), I couldn't get the pictures to upload off the site. SO. I've linked each post for you (the voters!) to click on and refresh your memory on each lovely submitted item.

From Just a Knit Whit Sal the Slytherin Hedgehog is here.

From Treesh we have the Ravenclaw Neck Tie here.

From Cheryl we have her Hufflepuff Socks here.

From Karen we have her Wealsey cell phone cover here.

Also from Karen we have the HP Hedgie here.

From Birdwell we have a variety of newborn S.P.E.W hats here.

From Janet we have the Ron Weasley hat here.

If I've left off your submission, let me know! Email and I will update this.

Ann and I thought we'd leave this up for a few days for everyone to see and then we'll post a voting poll over the weekend for you to pick your favorite. The winner will be announced Monday or Tuesday.



knitwhit said...

Very cool! Everything is so creative and well-done, it'll be hard to pick!

Jo said...

Thanks for putting up the post for me!

Choosing is absolutely overwhelming. There are so many neat things!

Thanks for giving us some time to think about it.