Monday, March 26, 2007

Ravenclaw Tie Complete

Here is my completed Ravenclaw Tie for the first part of the contest.

You can read a bit about how I made it and what I might do differently next time here.

I already posted a little about it before and you can read more about the beginnings of the project here.

I wanted to do something in my house colors and I had been sorted into Ravenclaw. My main constraint, however, was that I wanted to do something using stash. I have a lot of stash, but I don't have a lot of any one color. I discovered that I didn't have any blue or bronze yarn, but I did discover a wee bit of blue and bronze fiber. So I quickly spun up the fiber (it was only a wee bit) and I combined it with some of my handspun Wensleydale heathered navy yarn and created a tie.

Why a tie? I didn't want to make anything directly from the movies, but I was somewhat inspired by the movies. In the movies, the students do wear ties under their school robes. But the ties are not knit ties. I happen to like knit ties and have two knit ties (commercial made) that I do wear once in a while. I had always wanted to try my hand at making a tie, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity. Since I didn't have much blue and bronze, I wanted to make something that would show off the little I had, so it had to be a fairly small project. However, it turned out taking longer than I thought it would.

Project Details
About 140 yards of DK weight handspun in navy, blue, bronze.
Number 2 needles.
Double knitting technique to create a tube using 2 straight needles.
Pattern of my own creation.

Now I have to start thinking about a project for the second half of the KAL :)


Just A Knit Wit said...

The tie turned out great!

Crimson said...

I love the tie! And handspun fiber? Fantastic! *floats away*

a blossom knits said...

This is awesome . . I just love it!! It turned out so good -- it looks like it came straight from the movie. :D

Karen said...

Fabulous tie!

Treesh said...

Thanks for all the comments. As for it being handspun, I probably spin more than I knit. Much of my stash is either yarn that I've spun but haven't gotten around to knitting with, or fiber (LOTS of fiber) :D

Em said...

Thanks so much for such a clear description and for all the info! Lovely job on the tie, I'm a fan of knit ties too!

Cheryl said...

I is so cool, I have some of my sock yarn leftover and didn't know what to use it for....maybe a tie...hmmmm

Janet said...

Nice tie. hmm.. knitting in a tube w/straight needles, interesting concept. Something I might have to try.