Saturday, March 3, 2007

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets discussion

Alright I just finished reading Chamber of Secrets and discovered:
  1. On page 149, Hermione is called Miss Grant, not Miss Granger.
  2. On page 333, Harry is told that Lord Voldermort put a bit of himself into Harry.
  3. We now have encountered 2 of the horcruxes.

Ahh... Butterbeer. What is it? We know that it is a drink, for adults and kids. Since books leave so much up to our own imagination- one can only speculate. My interpretation of Butterbeer is that it is flavor of cream soda and liquid Heath bar (chocolate removed) mixed together. Butterbeer is probably very similar to apple cider it can be hard (alcoholic) or soft (juice) served cold or hot.


Ann said...

I've always seemes to imagine butterbeer as a kind of tawny root beer - Akin to a tawny port. Also like hot buttered rum.


Miss Scarlett said...

Miss Grant??
What does that mean?
Clearly I have forgotten something important...
Butterbeer simply sounds delicious.

Jo said...

Professor Binns doesn't usually talk to students and is flustered that Hermione spoke to him at all. He's just confused and missunderstood her name.

I was hoping butterbeer was an obscure British slang for something real. I like the idea of cream soda, but the name gave me the impression of something with a more buttery taste. And I can't imagine drinking cream soda heated.

The cold and hot aspect seems to fit chocolate drinks well. If it were chocolate, Harry would have recognized it, though.

I've never had hot buttered rum, but it sounds good. The problem with the idea of it cold, though, is that anything with real butter in it would congeal when chilled.

Someone should invent and market butterbeer.

Crimson said...

Just popping in to say that I've seen recipes for butterbeer, and have made it myself. I mixed a shot of butterscotch schnapps with a glass of cream soda. It's pretty darn good! (I'll continue to haunt this blog, though I'm not planning to take part in the challenges. I'll cheer instead!)

Jo said...

I knew that schnapps came in a lot of flavors, but I never heard of butterscotch schnapps before.

Although I don't like butterscotch, the idea of mixing it with cream soda sounds good.

I guess I'm another ghost. I tried to join, and was accepted by the blog, but not the software. I can sign in to the old blogger, but that won't let me post. And the new blogger presents me with an invisible form to fill out and doesn't give me a button to enter the info even if I could fill it out.

So, I'll keep commenting as Em encouraged me to do. And knitting.

I have to say that I enjoy reading the blog.

Treesh said...

Crimson and Jo,

Thanks for joining in with your comments, and thanks, Crimson, for the butterbeer recipe. I'd like to try it sometime.

It's nice to have ghosts among us :)

Karen said...

The idea of ghost commentors is very cool. Please keep posting.

Must get the stuff to make butterbeer, sounds very yummy.

eKNITabeth said...

i like to think of melted butterrum life savers & fizzy water...