Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prisoner of Azkaban

I am almost finished w/ Prisoner of Azkaban book on tape (one more tape to go). As we head into Easter, I realize that the Easter Holidays are mentioned in the book as well. Interesting. When everyone is leaving the Shrieking Shack w/ Peter Pettigrew why is the immobulus curse not used? It would have been easy to have Peter turn back into a rat and then immobilized him and stuffed into a pocket. But it does set the scene for books later. I really like the way chocolate is the cure for the dementors. What is a bottle brush tail? Crookshanks bottle brush tail leading the way.

Now for the movie discussion: I did watch the movie before I finished the book. The movie went along w/the book for awhile anyways. I would have liked seeing Harry zap the fake dementors. Also when Peter Pettigrew changed into a rat the last time, his clothes stayed behind. Now when he changes back to being a human (not a pretty visual picture) he will be wearing nothing. On a warmer note, there are alot of knit items in this movie. I especially liked the twins hats during the winter Hogsmeade outing.


knitwhit said...

A bottle brush can be a plant:

Or an item actually used to clean out a bottle:

So Crookshank's tail is very bushy, and the hairs sort of stick straight out.

Jo said...

I got the impression that chocolate was more of a treatment for shock and/or trauma. Who can say which is right? I do know that for me, 4 Hershey's kisses will get rid of a headache that nothing else will touch.

I'm halfway through the second sleeve on the Weasley sweater and have the four colors of metallic yarn for the duplicate stitch snitch.

I'm so glad that the KAL won't really be over on the second of April! At least when it IS over, there will be a movie and book right after. Just the thought that the first contest is nearly over is filling me with loss already.

When I finished reading OotP, the letdown and loss of finishing the book was so bad that I read it again. Finishing was like losing a friend.

When I finished reading HBP, I had to go back and reread ALL the books, looking for horcruxes.

Em, I'm going to try to find a computer on Sunday to post, but might have to send you an e-mail and ask to post for me.