Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's The Lame Introduction Post!

Hi everyone!

My name's Kelly, I'm a big HP dork. I actually just finished knitting yet another HP themed object. This time it was Sal, the Slytherin Hedgehog, knit from the Huggable Hedgehog pattern from Fiber Trends.

Hmm.. what else... well, you can find me at my blog: Just A Knit Wit where I tend to babble quite a bit. I've written only one fanfic, a continuation of one of the chapters in Half-Blood Prince, called Memory's End. I'd be happy to stick it up on my writing blog if anyone is interested in reading it.

I think that's all...

Yay Voldemort! (Without the villain, there would be no heros.)


Lynn said...

Sal rocks!

I adore that pattern. I've seen it done a handful of times and need to buckle down and get one for myself. :)

Birdwell said...

Welcome Kelly! Glad to have you. Sal is a sweetie--so huggable.

Ann said...

Welcome! You are so right about villains. (Is that why I've always loved Oliver Reed?)

Karen said...

Hi Kelly!

Well if you are a HP Dork then I'm one too. :-)

Sal is super cute.

Yes we need villains to have heros.