Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I finished the Weasley iPod (formerly cell phone) cozy over the weekend. Here's a photo of it drying:

The neck doesn't roll as nicely as the original and my intarsia's not perfect - but it's good enough for me.

We're planning a Harry Potter event at my store, 3 Kittens Needle Arts, and we just received a large shipment of Plymouth Galway and Encore in the various Hogwart's house colors, so my next project is going to be a house scarf for our store display. Unfortunately, not all of the colors are in yet, so I shall have to wait a week or two (after my vacation next week) to start it.

I'm also trying desperately to finish my current book, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (very un-Harry, but interesting nonetheless), so I can reread Sorcerer's Stone. I watched Chamber of Secrets last weekend (I looked for Sorcerer's Stone, but I can't find it anywhere!), but I'd really like to reread the books not just watch the movies. I think the books have so much more depth that can't be covered in a 2 1/2 hour movie no matter how well they're done. I'm hoping to finish The Book Thief tonight.

By the way, I haven't seen any mention of Harry's sweater in Sorcerer's Stone - the one he's wearing along with some p.j. pants for in the the scene where he figures out how to communicate with Tom Riddle's diary. Anyway, it is a maroon or reddish color with three large cables up the front and the rest is done it what looks like a k5, p1 (or so) rib. It looks like it would be a fairly simple pattern to write up - it's just a crewneck, long sleeve sweater.


Scarlett said...

I love that sweater cozy. I wish I had a cell phone or an Ipod just to have one of those to knit.

I like to read the books too, as I find that so much of the imagination was overlooked in the earlier movies.

Janet said...

Well done on the cozy.

What you said about wanting to read the books not just watch the movie is similar to how I feel. I read so fast that I listen to them on tape because I discover things that I miss (and I just enjoy hearing the different voices that the narrator does.) And only after finishing the book do I watch the movie and before I start the next book.

Treesh said...

I should listen to them on tape also. I read too fast and tend to miss things. I also have a good short term memory, but not as good a long term memory, so I've forgotten a LOT.

I am really really trying to read the books slowly now. So I'm only half-way through PoA and I've been at it a while now.

I 've watched the first three movies also and just got GoF to watch.

Karen said...

Fabulous Cell Cozy! I know my sister is going to want one.

Miss Scarlett said...

I love your cell cozy! That is too sweet.
If you are looking online for sweater links to Harry's cabled sweater - it is in the CoS movie. I haven't looked for it myself but surely there is something out there? Let's hope.