Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chamber of Secrets Movie Discussion

I finally watched the Chamber of Secrets movie over the weekend- long delay in posting.
Some things that I liked
  1. Mrs. Weasley's sweater was awesome.
  2. The flying car
  3. The quidditch match graphics
  4. Dobby vs. Malfoy at the end
  5. The self knitting knitting needles and the pan washing in the sink.
  6. What is the purpose of a Rubber Duck.
  7. Aragog
  8. Draco's comment to Crabbe/Goyle about reading- goes back to my earlier comment about wizards early ed.
  9. I thought that the movie was well done.
Some things that were kind of wrong:
The Weasley family clock- to big, in Order of the Phoenix Mrs. Weasley carries it around.

I guess that this is one of my Favorite movies. Very entertaining, great graphics and followed the story line.


Scarlett said...

I have heard that most people like COS best, but I liked it the least. I was not into the whole serpant slithering around thing, squimish.

I love the magic knitting needles and wished that I had some to whip out a House scarf. The thought of miles and miles of stockinette frightens me to boredom, but I want one so bad that I will subcomb this summer I know.

The comment about Crabbe/Goyle I interrupted more as they were just dumb jocks like dumb moutain folks that I grew up with than lack of wizard ed. I never thought of it that way. But, it does make you wonder, where did wizard get pre-Hogwart's education. I would love to see JRK produce some books on all the backstories.

And really, what is the purpose of a rubby duckie??

Jo said...

If you really hate all that stokinette, let me know what kind of scarf you want, and I'll make one for you. Send me the yarn and I'll knit it and send it back. But after the KAL.

I want to do a S.P.E.W. Hat, complete with elf ears, and Molly's sweater for the second part of the KAL.

CoS did follow the book as well as a movie could, and the knits in it were spectacular.

I just loved the scene of breakfast at the burrow. I felt like I had come home, too.

And Molly's sleeves are awesome! I fell in love with them instantly.

I loved that it followed the book, which all the first three movies did.

The people doing the movies really have tried hard. A normal length movie is really about a novella in written length.

You can look at the length of the movies compared to the books, and the first three compare closely. But when you realize that it took about 3 hours to cram in all of PoA, and then you look at the book for GoF, you know they'll never get it all in. And that particular problem just gets worse as the series continues.

I'm really looking forward to the OotP movie! The obstacles for Harry just get bigger and bigger.

I've got about 6 inches done on the bottom of the Weasley sweater.

My daughter called and said her first initial is H, so she really could use a sweater just like Harry's. She's 43, and can knit, by the way. And that's what I told her. I think part of the reason we're friends is that when she was born, I decided that I was her mom, not a personal servant, so I gave her every opportunity to grow up.

I'm still deciding what to put on the front of the sweater. At this point, the snitch is winning. I was in the Air Force and learned to fly. Flying is one of my favorite things, so I feel more and more that the snitch is what I should put on it.

It just hit me. I don't think Mrs. Weasley ever knitted a sweater for Hermione, but if she had, should it have her initial in ancient runes?

But if memory serves (I'd have to look this up) I think the equivalent of an H looks close to a real H.

Jo said...

I nearly forgot to respond to this.

Yes, Molly carries the clock around... in her laundry basket!

I think the movie had it the right size.

It was intended to go on the wall and to be seen from across the room. It's not too big to go on top of laundry in a basket. Besides, she's a wizard, and could presumably put a shrinking spell on it and carry it in a pocket if she wanted.

Miss Scarlett said...

The other thing I liked in CoS was the spell Lucius tried to cast on Harry - BIG clue that he is a DeathEater.
Dobby stopped him as he was saying "Avada..."
Also, I thought Lucius was very attractive ;-)
I know. I like bad boys - but only to dream about. Snape is my hero. But I could never really be with a person so snappy and broody!
The actress who plays Moaning Myrtle is brilliant!

Janet said...

Oh I missed the spell from Lucious. As to the rubber ducky- it is a simple bathtub toy that adult muggles have become obsessed over.