Thursday, March 8, 2007

Lady Live

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. I just wanted to drop a line before I go off to my LYS for some wonderfully Slitherin green yarn.
I'm thinking I want to make maybe a Lady Elenor or Danica type scarf in green and silver.
My house colors... I'm using Lambs Pride Worsted in Pine Shadows and Silver Gray.

You can see that the green has some silvery grey mohair in it, its a touch bluer then most of the greens but I think the two of them together will be very nice.
I also wanted to post this very very addicting Harry Potter game that is online. Its kid friendly too. I've been playing for days...great to play when you are knitting:
You sign up choose a house and start to play. Its a rpg game so its never ending.


Em said...

Thanks for the game link! I can't wait to check that out (when I'm not at work, of course, that's probably not behavior they'd encourage ;-).
Can't wait to see the yarn; I'm so glad we've got people holding up the Slytherin end!

Treesh said...

Even though I'm not in Slytherin, I think I would like to make a snake scarf. I have a pattern from one of those Knitting Pattern a Day calendars. It's just a stockinette scarf, but with shaping to make it look like a snake. I think it would be pretty cool. I may even have some green yarn (or fiber) in my stash to make it in.

Cheryl said...

I Love the idea of a Lady e house colors! I may borrow your idea..after I finish my 1000000000 wips, LOL. Cna't wait to see what you do.

Miss Scarlett said...

I like that muted green for a Slytherin scarf - very nice choice.
I am glad there are a few Slytherin's here - they're a little under represented aren't they?
I am going to have to check out that game -- thanks for the link.