Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sorceror's Stone movie Discussion

Finally I watched the movie. I kind of discovered it in the VHS movie stash.
Now some thoughts on the movie.
  1. I still think Hagrid's house fits him better in the movie, instead of the wooden one in the book.
  2. School uniforms? I understand the robes, but the clothes and ties. I would think that wizard kids have no sense of fashion and would wear anything.
  3. I really like Mrs. Weasley's cardigan.
  4. Also how could Harry live in a cupboard w/o alerting officials?
Ok now some of my favorite things:
  1. Hermione's wild hair- very wizardry.
  2. The beds w/ coverings
  3. The quidditch match and the announcer.


Knatty Knitter said...

the school uniforms that they wear in the films are very traditional for the British Isles (indeed a lot of countries in Europe). All kids wear school uniforms like that in Britain and Ireland for sure, I did. And I suppose someone who have to tell on the Dursley's for keeping a kid in a cupboard in order for them to be caught, Harry wouldn't say anything and they have a spare room so maybe they would tell people he lived there usually?! just thoughts...would love to know what others think.

was thinkin of putting up a pic of me in school uniform so you can see just how normal (and nice!) Hogwarts uniform is in comparison :)

Jo said...

I tried to comment yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me. Hopefully, it will today.

I started a Ravenclaw hat on Tuesday and finished it yesterday. It's navy with silver stripes.

It turned out so nice that I'm now making a blue and bronze one, and have just finished the ribbing for the bottom.

Eventually I will get far enough in unpacking to find my iron and then I'll block the two scarves so I can add the fringe and they'll be finished.

Happy knitting!

Crimson said...

Despite having never lived in Britain or attended a boarding school, I think that the way they depicted the students in school uniforms was fairly normal. I do wish that they used the robes a bit more, though.

I've seen a few crocheted Molly Weasley cardis here and there on the web. The one at is what comes to mind. The pattern's not gratis, but they look super cool.

I think I'll knit up a nice Ravenclaw hat to go with my new scarf. Good idea, Jo!