Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Readers get first glimpse of final Potter

Here's an article with the new cover. The item mentions an "adult cover" and a "children's cover." In the past, I've seen two different covers depending upon whether you purchase the UK or the USA version of the book. Personally, I prefer the UK versions . . that is why my pre-order is with They do seem more 'adult' to me.

UPDATE: Doing some further digging, the link above must be for the adult cover/UK edition. The children's cover/USA edition is here.


Em said...

Thanks for these! I had never seen the UK edition of an HP book- the difference is shocking! I didn't realize, I'm embarrassed to admit, there was a difference between the two. Thanks for posting both for us!

Lyndsey-Jane said...

I'm not 100% sure but i would say that the cover in the first article is actually the UK childrens edition as the layout looks the same as all the rest whereas previous adult covers have not followed the banded colour layout. This is just my opinion but i did see this cover on newsround (a UK kids news tv show, so it seems right)

Lyndsey-Jane said...

Just checked on and the first cover is the UK childs but the adult UK can be seen there too.

Jo said...

I'm going to check on Amazon. I didn't realize that the covers were different for the books outside of the US.

The US cover is good. I wish I could comment about the other cover, but the people at the first website made sure that their public opinion poll covered the cover, so it's not really visible.

This is exciting.

While I'm writing, I have probably less than an inch to knit on the ribbing at the bottom of the right sleeve on my Weasley sweater. That only leaves the left sleeve to knit and the duplicate stitch design to embroider. I think I'm going to finish it on time!

Knatty Knitter said...

It seems that the adult UK cover is just a pendant with a big, red stone?? does that sound right. the childrens one tho is fabulous, I love that they got Harry, Ron and Hermione on it. Also the blurb at the back is very sneaky and gives absolutely nothing away about the story itself.

(Hi Lyndsey-Jane...I miss newsround, used to watch it as a kid..sorry personal note there!)

Birdwell said...

I spent several hours salivating over the covers my self--they sure do give A LOT of clues to the books. The Leaky Forum and I am sure the rest of them are going MAD theorising over what the covers mean. Anyone else catch the thing on Harry's back in the UK children's edition?? Goblin, houself??

Anyway--I love them all. 113 more days! I can barely stand it.

Oh and the Leaky and Mugglenet both have excellent coverage of the covers--along with high-res jpgs for printing.