Monday, March 19, 2007

Progress Report

I'm nearly done with the Ravenclaw tie. I only have a couple of inches left to knit. So I think that I will get it done, washed, and blocked before the end of March. Now I'm starting to think a bit of what I can do for the second half of the KAL.

In my reading, I've just finished PoA. I watched the movie before rereading the book and I was noticing, in my reading, how much was changed between book and movie. I've also been exploring the Harry Potter Lexicon and am finding it an interesting site to visit. There are lists of differences between the movies and books and I've looked there after compiling my own lists to check if I've caught most of the changes.

As a cat lover, I enjoyed reading about Crookshanks and the rather important role he played. I think I may have to knit myself a Crookshanks cat. My sister knit a cat that I think makes a perfect Crookshanks.

She made up the knit pattern but I'm not sure if she's written it down or not. Even if I had the pattern, it seems like it may be a bit complicated and I'm not sure I would be up to it. I may instead do this pattern with some really fuzzy yarn.

I'm taking a small break from reading Harry Potter to read the latest Richard Jury mystery by Martha Grimes.

Happy Knitting. Happy Reading. Happy Listening. Happy Watching.


Em said...

Adorable! Looks a bit complicated to me, too, but good job her. Can't wait to see the tie!

a blossom knits said...

Oh my gosh, the cat is AWESOME! I would be very interested in the pattern, if you are able to get it from your sister.

I hope I can ask where you got the tie pattern from . . well, okay, I'm gonna ask . . Where did you get your tie pattern from? I've been looking for one for weeks and keep ending up with really horrible patterns.


Treesh said...

I think my sister is working on writing down the pattern but I don't know when it will be finished.

As for the tie pattern, I just made it up. I did find a couple of tie pattern though that I liked. There is an awesome tie pattern in Interweave Knits - Winter 2005 - I want to make that tie sometime. The other one was from a Knitters magazine - Fall 2005 - that was at my LYS. I used the dimensions from that pattern (thirty stitches for the lower section and decreasing to twenty stitches at the neck). I did mine though in a double knitting technique instead of in the round. I'll post more details when I get it done.

Jo said...

I'm glad somebody's making a project with some handspun.

I was watching the first half of my GoF DVD last night, and noticed that Ron wore a Weasley sweater that looked like it was was knit with two strands of yarn in different shades of brown. It had a burgundy R with a gold border around it.

Other than that, they wore their school knitted vests. Oh, and the house color scarves.

So far, this movie has fewer new knits visible. They even cut Molly completely out of the beginning.

Oh, well, in Weasly sweater news, I've passed the part where the body divides for front and back at the armholes, and am almost to the top of the back.

I'm back to work this week, and the sweater is too big for a carry-around project, so it will stay at home.

I ordered SS and PoA DVDs from the library, and they should be in soon.

Janet said...

I love the cat. I also am partial to fuzzy large orange cats (mine is usually walking all over the keyboard). I am still listening to PoA on tape. 3 more tapes to go and then I am done. Even reading the book I still missed that Ron got maroon socks to match his sweater- caught that one on tape though.

Ann said...

I love the cat - the fur look of great.
I look forward to seeing the tie!