Friday, March 16, 2007

Is this really true

I heard that the actor who played Hagrid, in all the movies, died.


Ami Scott said...

No, it's not true. Robbie Coltrane is still among us. I did an extensive search and I couldn't find mention of his death anywhere.

Lynn said...


Jo said...

Please don't scare us like that!

I don't know what Robbie Coltrain is like as a person, but he does such a good job as Hagrid that I'm sure everyone loves him as much as I do.

I'm past 10 inches on the bottom of the Weasley sweater so far.

I'm leaning more ans more toward the snitch for the front. Today I realized that I have silver yarn I bought for Christmas stockings and haven't used yet. Then I remembered they have an "opal white" available which is a bright irredescent white. And bright gold and a darker metalic gold/tan. And they're available at Michaels, which just sent me a 40 percent off coupon for one item. The fact that they sent a coupon means that they'll send another one later in the week, and there will be one in the newspaper.

The snitch is looking more and more attractive.

I asked my daughter if she would loan me her copies of SS and CoS on DVD and I'll be able to watch them this weekend. I recorded PoA from TV, and I have GoF on DVD.

Today, I gave up and went to the library to get GoF and Mists of Avalon in book form, but I had to pass the used bookstore and stopped. They had both books for just a smidge more than I was willing to pay yesterday for GoF at WalMart (which didn't have it).

So my reading is back on track.

Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

I think Coltrane does a pretty good job, but from the very beginning of reading the books, I pictured someone like Andre the Giant as Hagrid. When I heard they were going to make a movie of it, I wished Andre was still alive to play the part. I don't know if he could have pulled off the scottish accent or not, but he certainly would have had the screen presence and the humor to play him.

Miss Scarlett said...

OH my goodness.
You scared me to death.

I love Robbie Coltrane.

Thank goodness Hagrid will remain unchanged. I have a hard time with the new Dumbledore as it is.

Janet said...

Thanks- I thought my info was incorrect. Andre would have been good. Since CS I have figured Hagrid to be about 63 years old. Hmmm... Moaning Myrtle's school uniform looks the same as Hermione's, 50 years later.

grrrlartist said...

ditto - i googled like crazy and couldn't find anything about him dying. that would be so terrible!